July 28, 2003

I Cor. 16:9  For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.

HERMENEUTICS – continued
Interpretation – Principle #4   Consider the Time and Setting
Every book of the Bible needs to be interpreted in the light of the time in which it was written, the circumstances which brought about the writing, the problems and needs that occasioned it.  If you know to whom, by whom, and for whom the epistle to the Hebrews was written, you have a better understanding of the message of the epistle.

If one understands that a woman with braided hair and such was considered a loose woman, then one understands what Paul is saying to the Corinthians and to us.

When our Lord speaks of new wine in old wineskins, if we understand the method of  keeping wine and that the skins are brittle if old, then the meaning of what He says comes across.  Mt. 9:17


The following is a message received from Pastor Jyothi Benjamin of the CLCI in India.

Dear brother David,
This is Jyothi. The following are the essays that the CLCI is going to present in the 2003 pastoral conference.
+++How to respond to ban on conversions – Pastor Jyothi Benjamin.
+++The Lord who strikes – Pastor Jyothi Benjamin.
+++The Christian Life – Pastor Nireekshana.
+++God’s Spokesman in a Foreign Land (A study on Ezekiel) – Pastor Isaiah.

Dear brother, this following is the report on VBS for BASIC.
VBS:  This very successful event has become an important outreach tool, not only by bringing the message of Jesus to the children but also to many of the parents.  We are very happy to inform you that we have seen God’s power in a great way in this year 2003 also through this VBS-03.  He strengthened and encouraged us very much this year also.  For It was a great success to our Lord in gaining the more children to the Christ.  Nearly 1000 children participated in this VBS program and through these children, we hope that we have planted the wonderful Gospel truth in many villages.  This one-week VBS program lives in these lovely children in a great way and given much relief from their Hindu influenced school lessons.  Once again they were reminded by the ways of the Lord to gain the eternal salvation that was earned for them by Jesus Christ only.  It was a great success that with your prayers we made it possible in teaching these  children the love of God and it is true that this love of God is going to spread in many poor Indian villages with the help of these lovely children.  Of course everybody agrees that this is one of the ways in which we can direct children toward Christ.  We thank and praise the Lord for all His enabling grace upon us to conduct this VBS program with a great success.  I must specially mention the wonderful help from women fellowship members, students, youth and the CLCI orphan boys and girls in this regard.  As usual in this program, we also focused our main attention for some special activities like tailoring and embroidery, plastic basket making for girls for their future benefit.  We also focused about special Gospel  evangelical program for youth leadership training to develop creative awareness among youth to understand the Hindu society, problems and also to develop their skills in evangeliam to overcome their problems.  Group discussions about Biblical points to  promote the sense of confidence about their Bible knowledge among the CLCI rural children and also to develop spirit of cooperation to work together.    Last year itself we took some special training program for youth to run vocational Bible schools and training for Sunday School teachers to encourage, to guide, to create and to prepare them in free gospel service with great enthusiasm.  Under this program some high school children had been selected from various CLCI congregations and we gave them some special training in this regard.
Also we have activities like Bible education programs, Bible quiz programs, Bible written tests, Bible story telling competitions, coloring of biblical pictures, Songs competitions, Sports and Games.  Quite a few Hindu children also participated in this VBS-2003.  Many laid their faith in our Lord Jesus.  Many non-CLCI members were influenced and inspired by these programs  and the Lord’s Name was glorified.  Singing songs, learning English hymns and proverbs, coloring of pictures, plays and dramas, acting, music, with all these, the children have been enjoying these programs very much.  Through these children, many new members were also influenced and inspired to rest on the One Who is “Mighty to save.”  The Lord’s Name was glorified.  All glory, laud and honor to Him alone.  We pray that His blessings may rest upon all the children that have  been contacted through our CLCI’s humble and earnest endeavor.  This year’s VBS program ended with stirring Gospel procession of Children and Teachers.  We had a few stops for preaching the Word and it was an inspiring time and people of all classes heard the message of salvation.
VBS material like books, charts, coloring pencils like crayons, sketch pen’s, Sunday School material, children songs cassette tapes, picture books were supplied by the beloved members of the respected CLC.  “Although my house is not so with God, yet He has made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things and secure.  For this is all my salvation and all my desire; will He not make it increase?” (2 Samuel 23:5)
Yes!  It is possible for every young child here in this darkened Hindu land to give a similar testimony like that King David!  The Lord has made an everlasting covenant with them.  He will preserve it till He comes back!
Jyothi Benjamin


Our brethren in the BELC in India are beginning to now use the projector with all other equipment to go out to the villages in their areas of India to show the film on Jesus, which is based on the Gospel of Luke.  Two young women from the CLC-USA,  Hesper Busse and Megan Owings, came over to India and conducted Bible crafts with children, followed by the showing of the Jesus film.  For ten nights of showings the children have ranged in number from 40 to 130.  Adults also have watched.  We pray for many Hindus to see the film in their own language, Telegu, and that the Holy Spirit  would work through the spoken Word.  Another mission helper besides the two young ladies, Mr. Peter Evensen, was able to help with the technical set-up.

In Him,
Pastor David Koenig (in India)