I Cor. 16:9  “For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”

Nov.30, 2007

CLCI Annual Report
What follows are excerpts from the CLCI Annual Report given at the Indian pastoral conference by Pastor Nireekshana.
“When we see all that is happening in the CLCI ministry, in youth ministries, in evangelism, in missions, Children’s programs and in worship and in every other aspect of church life, God kept His wonderful presence with the CLCI. It is wonderful to see everything that God is doing in the midst of the CLCI.
We are happy to inform you that the CLCI has entered in to its 26th year…with 94 congregations and over 8000 souls.
In the month of July we had the Mission Helpers trip of 16 members from the CLC-USA under the guidance of Pastor Ohlmann. Part of this group worked in the CLCI. There was a special welcoming celebration for them all at Nidubrolu. At this was special singing and traditional village dancing. The Mission Helpers for the CLCI were Pastor D. Baker and sisters Sandy Baker, April Lillo, Kate Friedricks, Whitney Martin and Heidi Maas. They visited 20 of our CLCI congregations, did wonderful VBS programs and spread the Word of God in a tremendous way. They conducted programs for the children through action songs and small Bible stories, also with some play cards and did crafts for the children. After the programs they distributed sweets, balloons, pens, pencils and other gifts to the children. From every congregation a minimum of 50-75 children were in attendance. In total approximately 1300+ children were benefited by this wonderful mission helper trip.
The CLCI  has been reaching out in the ten districts where its congregations are in Andhra Pradesh. There has also been work in tribal areas in Medak District. The CLCI evangelism is being carried out by tracts, pamphlets and through conducting Gospel meetings. Also a group of members are in Chattisgarh State. We need more help in the form of Hindi Bibles and Sunday School materials up there.
In May there were four Gospel Outreach efforts lasting three days each. There were also conducted ten one night outreach efforts at crossroad streets in villages. We have started many new preaching stations in the tribal areas and are receiving requests from new contacts in rural areas through our Evangelists.
Our goal is to revere and give homage to God, serving Him through profound adoration, intense love and desire, intimately turning towards Him, exposing our essential innermost selves in complete honesty and surrender. We give all the glory for His work in our lives to Him and see to make His name known in our India community.”

The CLCI has a Vacation Bible School regularly in December. We can rejoice with them on how God works through this and maybe learn from them also.
“The CLCI VBS celebrated another successful year. 978 children (age 5-12) participated…at the Mission House from Dec. 17th through 23rd. Quite a few Hindu and Muslim children also participated in the VBS-2006 and the Lord’s name was glorified…During these seven days of VBS everyday children started the VBS with a Sunday School Order of Service which includes singing sons and choruses, Bible reading and following a short worship service.
The kids learned about Jesus and had a chance to develop their ‘spiritual muscles’ as they participated in this VBS. They heard the Gospel from Bible characters such as the woman at the well, the good Samaritan, Peter, Mary the sister of Lazarus, and the servant in the king’s court.
The CLCI is blessed to have talented people who can make the Bible stories come to life…This one week VBS program planted the wonderful Gospel truth in the lives of these children in a great way and given much relief from their Hindu influenced school lessons.
This VBS was just another example of how so many Sunday school teachers, youth seminary students and women fellowship members volunteered their time and talents whole-heartedly as planners, coordinators, cooks, teachers, helpers, etc. to ensure its success.
…Our orphan boys and girls took a very active part by singing sons, enacting skits, encouraging and entertaining everyone in this one week of VBS…Food, milk and refreshments were arranged and prepared by the CLCI women’s fellowship members for all children. The children enjoyed snacks, bananas, refreshments and a big meal  on the last day through the women.
As usual we focused our main attention on activities like Bible education program, Bible quiz programs, written tests, Bible story telling competitions, coloring pictures, songs competition, dramas, sports and games.
There were many new members who were influenced and inspired to rest on the One Who is ‘Mighty to save.’ The Lord’s name was glorified. All glory, laud and honor to Him alone. Please pray for the 2007 VBS program. “Jyothi Benjamin

Pastor Koenig