I Cor. 16:9  “For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”

Aug.15, 2007


Who Came to Jesus, a Centurion or Jewish Elders?
According to Mt. 8:5-13 a centurion approached  Jesus directly to request the healing of his sick servant. Lk. 7:2 says that some elders of the Jews were sent.

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It would not be uncommon for a Roman centurion to send Jews, familiar with the culture of Jesus, to request the healing first, then to make a direct personal request.
A Sign or No Sign?
Jesus was disturbed that religious leaders demanded a “sign” to “test” Him. Mk. indicates that no sign will be given Mk. 8:11-12. Mt. and Lk. Indicate that no sign will be given except the sign of Jonah  being in the belly of the large fish for three days and nights Mt. 12:38-39, Lk. 11:29-30. Consider that Jesus made this comment more than once. His indication in Mk. may have stopped short of mentioning the “sign of Jonah.” After all, the point of the story was to criticize the seeking of “signs” in general. Here we see how we should read the Scripture in its context to understand why the words were said the way they were. Jesus criticized the Pharisees for asking Him for a sign from heaven. Mk. 8:11-13 Then, in Mt. 12:38-39 it’s indicated that the only sign of the Messiah would be the symbol of Jonah which parallels Jesus’ death.  Further analysis of the intent of Jesus makes this no contradiction. The intention of Jesus was to criticize the Pharisees for requesting an ‘immediate’ sign, as in a magical demonstration. Jesus wanted their focus to be on the longer-term sign of the death and resurrection that was tied to the model of Jonah.
Genesis One and Two
Some enemies of the Word think that these two chapters contradict each other. Gen. 1 is clearly a methodical account of Creation, all six days. We know this from the opening words, “In the beginning “ and by the methodical system of steps marked off as “days” each marked off with there being evening and morning one day. It describes exactly what happened on each day. Gen.2 has an entirely different purpose. It discusses what happened to heaven and earth once they were created with the emphasis on the creation of man and woman on the sixth day. This of course is what Scripture is about, the story of salvation. For instance when it says, “God planted a garden” this does not rule out that other vegetation had been formed. This phrase simply refers to a special place.
Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
In Gen. 4:17, “Cain lay with his wife, and she became bregnant and gave birth to Enoch.” Up to this point in the biblical narrative no other women had been mentioned as being born. But this isn’t the purpose to tell all that happened, but the story of salvation. Adam and Eve had other children beyond Cain, Able, Seth. The last was born when Adam was 130 years old Gen. 5:4. Seth, in turn also had sons and daughters Gen. 5:7. Considering the long life spans, Cain had plenty of time to take a wife from either Adam or Seth’s daughters. And that early in man’s development there would not be a problem with marrying to close genetically.

Homiletics  part  4 The Chameleon Some of you have seen a lizard called the chameleon.  Certain chameleons can quickly change color, and even develop spots and streaks that seem to be part of their background.  They can turn green, gray or brown if they are standing on a green, gray or brown background.    Those of us who love the Lord Jesus should “show our colors” –let others know you belong to the Lord.  Do not be like the chamelon who changes color with his surroundings.  If you have to be with unsaved girls and boys at school and in other places, do not act as they do and do naughty things.  Let others know you are different because you have a new life!

Salt Creates Thirst At a missionary meeting some young people were discussing the text, “Ye are the salt of the earth.”    One suggestion after another was made as to the meaning of “salt” in this verse.    “Salt imparts a desirable flavor,”  said one.  “Salt preserves from decay,”  another suggested.    Then at last a Chinese Christian girl spoke out of an experience none of the others had.  “Salt creates thirst,” she said, and there was a sudden hush over the room    Everyone was thinking,
Have I ever made anyone thirst for the Lord Jesus Christ?”

The Lost Boy Once a little boy was lost in the woods.  The alarm was sounded; a church meeting broke up; the whole congregation and neighborhood responded.  Fishermen abandoned their nets and merchants closed their shops.  Plows were left in the field and washing in the tub.  Everyone turned out to hunt for the little fellow.  There was a feverish haste.  The night was dark and harm might befall the little fellow.  After hours of search, he was found, and oh, the joy that was felt because of the rescue!    Today that boy is grown.  He is lost again!  But none seem to care.  Mom and Dad are busy with other things.  The church does not seem to care.  No alarm is sent out.  Yet, a far worse fate awaits him now.  You see, he is now lost in sin!  Do we really care?  Enough to do something?

Pastor Koenig