January 14, 2003

Dear Brothers,
As you notice, this newsletter has no name or Bible passage designating it.  I invite you to give me suggestions as to a name and a key Bible passage.

The CLC Mission Board can not do everything that it would like to do, as they depend on the offerings of our people in the USA and a budget.  Also situations are different in different places.  The Board tries to consider this also.  Sometimes we set up a seminary or Bible Institute, while in other places we can’t.  The Mission Board in the USA has to make these decisions on where and how we can help in the training of pastors.  One vital part of our help is in this training of pastors overseas whether this is done in a seminary, institute, catechism examinations, correspondence courses and seminars.  If there are faithful pastors/shepherds who can rightly handle God’s Word (II Tim. 2:15) then the sheep will be fed properly and the church will grow.

Prayer Alert
Pray for Pastor Denis’s congregation in Kinshasa, Congo that they will have the problem of having to move settled soon.  They have to leave a place where they put up a roof.  Pray for the BELC, India lead pastors in the four districts who are facing problems in legal matters in retaining buildings.  Pray for the four CLC-USA volunteers who arrived in Kilimanjaro today to assist in the finishing of a building for a seminary.

Church Year – Pres. Schierenbeck wrote in his Christmas letter the importance of our celebration of Christmas and Epiphany.  I am sending out to each of you by regular mail an explanation of the church year and what we see to preach during those seasons.  This is familiar to some of you while new to others.  Also being sent is a series of sermon texts that can be used in these seasons and for these festivals.

Singular Teachings – We as orthodox, evangelical Lutherans have a blessed situation in connection with our teachings.  We stand squarely on Scripture.  The teaching of Universal or Objective Justification is not taught by all Christian churches.  Some teach that Jesus died for only those who eventually would be saved.  Some teach that Jesus died only for those chosen in eternity.  We teach that Jesus died for ALL as Scripture clearly teaches:  I Tim. 2:6 who gave Himself as a ransom for all,  Heb. 2:9 He tasted death for everyone,  Heb. 10:10 one for all,  II Cor. 5:15 He died for all.  There are so many passages that teach this.  Yet man will use his reason and overrule Scripture.  We place our reason subject to Scripture.  God has declared all men just, or righteous based upon the atoning work of Christ.  Next we will consider Subjective or Individual Justification.

God bless you in your work for Him,
Pastor D. Koenig