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Pastor Matthew Ude serves as missionary in India, as well as periodically visiting Nepal and Nigeria.

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The Holiness of God and the Imprecatory Psalms

There are certain psalms which call down God’s wrath on “enemies” of the believers. How should we understand these psalms when Jesus tells us to love our enemies and to help those who hurt us.


Följande är ett sammandrag av en artikel skriven av pastor Bruce Naumann till Journal of Theology, volym 38, nummer 2.


10 Reasons I Can Not Participate in the Modern Charismatic Movement

by George W Zeller The Apostle Paul, in writing to the believers in Rome, declared that every Christian is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, for “if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, HE IS NONE OF HIS.”

Infant Baptism In the Early Church

by Dennis Kastens Shared by permission of the author.  From the beginning of New Testament Christianity at the Feast of Penetcost to our time, unbroken and uninterrupted; the church has baptized babies.

Distinctly Lutheran

by Dennis Kastens Shared by permission of the author.  From the beginning of New Testament Christianity at the Feast of Penetcost to our time, unbroken and uninterrupted; the church has baptized babies.

10 Reasons I Can Not Participate in the Modern Charismatic Movement

by George W Zeller The Apostle Paul, in writing to the believers in Rome, declared that every Christian is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, for “if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, HE IS NONE OF HIS.”

Infant Baptism in the Early Church

by Dennis Kastens Shared by permission of the author.  From the beginning of New Testament Christianity at the Feast of Penetcost to our time, unbroken and uninterrupted; the church has baptized babies.

Distinctly Lutheran

Above all we are evangelical in the true meaning of the word – those who preach the Gospel. This means that our primary desire is to proclaim the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.

Infant Baptism In the Early Church

by Dennis Kastens Shared by permission of the author.  From the beginning of New Testament Christianity at the Feast of Penetcost to our time, unbroken and uninterrupted; the church has baptized babies.

10 Reasons I Can Not Participate in the Modern Charismatic Movement

by George W Zeller The Apostle Paul, in writing to the believers in Rome, declared that every Christian is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, for “if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, HE IS NONE OF HIS.”

Volume 15 Issue 04 – Christmas Day

Immanuel: A Promise Worth Holding On To Isaiah 7:10-14   10 Moreover the LORD spoke again to Ahaz, saying,  11 “Ask a sign for yourself from the LORD your God; ask it either in the depth or in the height above.”  12 But Ahaz said, “I will not ask, nor will I test the LORD!”  13


Just the Truth

Doctrine and theology are not just for the seminary students; they form the basis for our hope in this life and the next.  Our souls will go to heaven or hell for eternity, so getting our beliefs correct should demand our utmost attention to detail.  For not only our souls, but the souls of those

Life of Luther

The Turk was slashing his way op the valley of the Danube into the heart of Europe. God sat far off, not as a loving father but as a vengeful law-court judge inflicting all sorts of misery on mankind. In the forest lurked witches and demons seeking to drag the unwary to destruction.

Volume 15 Issue 02 – Easter Sunday

The Lord Prepares ALL that We May Have Life An Easter Sermon      |     Pastor Matthew Ude John 11:17-53 This text is all about preparation. He prepares the Jews First Jesus prepares the very ones who hated Him to carry out His will and deliver him up to death. At other times

15-02 Easter Sunday

Good Friday ( Volume 15 Issue 1 )

Who Gains From the Cross? The Thief  ( Luke 23:39-43 ) It is understandable that the unbelieving world looks upon the crucifixion of Jesus as disturbing and does not understand the real meaning behind it. To them Jesus lost when He died. But when Jesus died on the cross, He did not lose, He won!

Volume 15 Issue 1

Burma  February 22-March 8

The presence of Christians in the kingdom of Malea (North Burma) in the ninth century is recorded along with other south Asia centers by Didacus de Couto. It should be remembered that Marco Polo discovered Nestorian Christians amongst the Shans when the Mongol armies entered Burma in 1252. The first American foreign missionary, Adoniram Judson

Volume 14 Issue 24

Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies — Christmas by Pastor Joseph Abrahamson   SUMMARY: It is common in our day to hear claims that Christian teachings and holidays aren’t Christian at all but are merely rewrapped pagan teaching and holidays. Such claims are often accompanied by phrases such as “the earliest church fathers . . .”

Volume 14 Issue 24

Volume 14 Issue 23 – Christmas Letter

Dear Brothers And Sisters In Christ, We associate gift giving with Christmas as we gather with family, friends, and loved ones and exchange carefully chosen gifts with one another. We do this because giving gifts is our way of showing our love for one another. It’s easy to give a gift to the ones we

Volume 14 Issue 23

Volume 14 Issue 22

Canticles of the Christ-Child Simeon’s Nunc Dimittis: Luke 2:29-32 By Pastor Matthew Ude Luke 2:29-32  29 “Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace, according to your word;  30 for my eyes have seen your salvation  31 that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples,  32 a light for revelation to

Volume 14 Issue 22

Volume 14 Issue 21

Canticles of the Christ-Child Zacharias’ Benedictus: Luke 1:67-79  By Pastor David Ude  Luke 1:67-79, And his father Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied, saying, 68 “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited and redeemed his people 69 and has raised up a horn of salvation for us in

Volume 14 Issue 21

Index Page

Volume 14 Issue 20

 |   Advent Series – Canticles of the Christ-Child Mary’s Magnificat: Luke 1:46-55 Pastor Mark Bernthal Luke 1:46-55  46 And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord,  47 and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,  48 for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant. For behold, from now on all generations

2016 – 2017 Lectionary

Volume 14 Issue 20


Addiction: How can pastors and laypeople help? Chris Sumey, MD (St. Paul, Lakewood, CO) West Central Delegate Conference Valentine, NE May 24, 2011             How often do we hear statements like, “I’m addicted to football,” or “You must be a choco-holic!”?  We all have that something that we just can’t seem to get enough of. 

Was ist ein Lutheraner


Luther und unsere Zeit

Fleischer Gnadenmittel


How Should a Christian Deal With Depression in Himself?  In Others? Chris Sumey, MD Foundations of the Faith Seminar May 11, 2013 (all Scripture in New King James Version) From time to time billboards and news media will announce that 1 in 3 Americans will struggle with depression at some point in their lives.  You

Pornography, How to Respond

Introduction: What is Pornography? Pornography has many definitions depending on the person who wants to define it. Generally, pornography is defined as “printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.” 1 From this definition one can see how

Volume 14 Issue 19

A Day for Giving Thanks By Pastor Matthew Ude [ A note for our international brothers: November 23 was Thanksgiving, an national holiday in the US ] Psalm 136 is a psalm giving thanks to the Lord in which the Hebrews recounted the things that God has done for them. This Thanksgiving is good chance

Volume 14 Issue 19

Todd Ohlmann

Pastor Ohlmann serves Faith Lutheran Church in the St. Louis, MO area and is also the chairman of the CLC Board of Missions. He leads short-term Mission Helper Trips to India, Nepal, and East Africa

Peter Evensen

Our current missionary in Togo, West Africa

David Koenig

Pastor David Koenig has been serving in the foreign mission filed since the 70’s. Although partially retired he still overseas the work in Myanmar.

Matthew Ude

Matthew Ude

Pastor Matthew Ude serves as missionary in India, as well as periodically visiting Nepal and Nigeria.

Volume 14 Issue 18

The Augsburg Confession : Article 27 Concerning Monastic Vows This article is a follow-up to the church customs and traditions mentioned in Article XV. In that article the Lutherans stated that monastic vows were one of several customs which were abused in the Roman Church, and those abuses are taken up here in Article XXVII.

Volume 14 Issue 18

Volume 14 Issue 17

The Augsburg Confession: Article 26 Of the Distinction of Foods Church Customs This article goes into more detail on the Church customs and traditions spoken of generally in Article XV. There the Lutheran confessors stated that church customs established by men were only useful if they were “observed without sin” and if they “contribute to peace and good

Volume 14 Issue 17

Volume 14 Issue 16

The Augsburg Confession: Article 25 Confession by Pastor Nathanael Mayhew Confession In Article 11, which also dealt with the topic of Confession, we have already discussed the Biblical role of absolution as connected to confession and the errors (both perceived and real) on the part of the Roman Catholic church. As we continue with the

Volume 14 Issue 16

Volume 14 Issue 15

The Augsburg Confession: Article 24 Of the Sacrifice of the Mass by Pastor Nathanael Mayhew More on the Lord’s Supper The doctrine of the Lord’s Supper is spoken of in the Augsburg Confession more often than any other doctrine. In Article X the Lutherans clarify their teaching on the bodily presence of Christ in the

Volume 14 Issue 15


Kinship is the branch of CLC Missions, which supports and promotes orphans and students overseas.

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Volume 14 Issue 14

The Augsburg Confession: Article 23 Of the Marriage of the Priests by Pastor Nathanael Mayhew The Marriage of Priests   This is a subject which has been of source of great contention between members within the visible church for hundreds of years. It continues to be a “hot topic” in our time, as is seen

Volume 14 Issue 14

Willkomm Antichrist

Every Lutheran Christian who knows the confession of his church not only by name, but who has read it attentively, will find the clear statement in it: This portion powerfully shows that he (the Pope) is the true End- or Antichrist who has set himself against Christ and exalted himself over Christ. …

Volume 14 Issue 13

The Augsburg Confession: Article 22 Of Both Kinds in the Sacrament By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew   Disputed Articles   Beginning with Article XXII the Lutherans deal with those issues that they knew were at variance with the teachings of the Roman Church. These issues include the Lord’s Supper (Articles XXII, and XXIV), the Priesthood (Articles

Volume 14 Issue 13

Volume 14 Issue 12

Purgatory and the Bible Written by Nathanael Mayhew    The Roman Catholic teaching about purgatory is closely connected to its teaching concerning the prayers of the saints. The doctrine of purgatory was first established by Pope Gregory I in 593 AD. He declared that souls of believers enter purgatory for purification before passing into heaven and that prayers

Volume 14 Issue 12


Is It Permissible for a Christian to Use Birth Control? This is something you should discuss with your pastor, because there are different types of birth control, different circumstances, different motives, and different preconceived ideas about the subject. When the Bible does not speak directly to specific situations, your pastor can help you identify the


Pornography has been with us from ancient times, ever since man’s view of his sexuality was corrupted by the Fall. Following their sin, Adam and Eve for the first time felt the need to make coverings for their nakedness. Ever since then, the sexual sensibilities and desires that began as a perfect facet of God’s

Volume 14 Issue 11

The Augsburg Confession: Article 21 Of the Invocation of Saints By Nathanael Mayhew   The topic discussed in this article is that of the role of departed Christians in the lives of Christians still in this earthly life. In our editions this article is entitled “The Cult of Saints” – pointing out that it is

Volume 14 Issue 11

Volume 14 Issue 10

The Augsburg Confession: Article 20 Of Good Works  By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew   Good Works   This article, though placed near the conclusion of the first section of the Augsburg Confession, follows naturally after the study of Article 6 – Of New Obedience. The foundation laid in that article is necessary for a proper understanding of

Volume 14 Issue 10

Volume 14 Issue 9

The Augsburg Confession – Article 19 Of the Cause of Sin By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew At first it may seem that this article is rather unimportant compared to other articles contained in the Augsburg Confession. Is an explanation of such a basic doctrine unnecessary? As we look ahead to the Roman Confutation on this article,

Volume 14 Issue 9

Volume 14 Issue 8

The Augsburg Confession: Article 18 – Of Freedom of the Will By Nathanael Mayhew Article 2 (Of Sin) and Article 18 (Of Freedom of the Will) are very closely connected, because when a person comes to a faulty conclusion on one, he will usually have a faulty understanding of the other. The errors of Pelagius

Volume 14 Issue 8

Volume 14 Issue 7

The Augsburg Confession: Article 17 – Of Christ’s Return for Judgment By Nathanael Mayhew Agreement This was one article where the Lutherans and the Romanists were in agreement. There was nothing which was in dispute in this article. In the Confutation the Romanists responded: “The confession of the seventeenth article is received, since from the Apostles’

Die Kryptocalvinistischen Streitigkeiten

Schon 1540 gab Melanchthon seine Überarbeitung der Confessio Augustana heraus, die sog. CA variata. Sie enthielt keine Verwerfung der reformierten Lehre vom heiligen Abendmahl mehr. Weiterhin unterhielt Melanchthon freundschaftliche Beziehungen mit Johann Calvin, sodass er zunehmend in Gegensatz zu Luther geriet, wie auch Georg Maior, der persönlich von Luther gerügt wurde. Die Unklarheit in der

Volume 14 Issue 7

Volume 14 Issue 6

The Augsburg Confession, Article 16  – Of Civil Authority by Nathanael Mayhew This was a very important article in the eyes of emperor Charles V, especially in light of the events within Germany during the past 10 years. In 1524-25 a revolt known as the Peasant’s Revolt raged in Germany, which became one of the

Volume 14 Issue 6

Volume 14 Issue 4

The Augsburg Confession Article 14 Order in the Church By Nathanael Mayhew Every Christian, by virtue of faith in Christ has a call. The apostle Paul wrote: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew,

Volume 14 Issue 4

Understanding Prophecy

Catechism and Worship

Volume 14 Issue 3

The Augsburg Confession Article 13 by Nathanael Mayhew The Sacraments What is a sacrament? How many sacraments are there? When we study these questions, we must realize that the term “sacrament” is a man-made term. The word “sacrament” comes from the Latin sacramentum which means oath or rite. The number of rites recognized as sacraments depends upon how one defines the

Volume 14 Issue 3

The Anointing of Jesus

Jesus is the Messiah or Christ, the anointed one. It was prophesied in the Old Testament times that He would be anointed as the Savior. Is 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me . . .


One of my favorite sayings and often used is ‘The Lord provides.’ This comes from Mt. Moriah where God ultimately provided the sacrifice. The saying in the title of this study is found in at least seven places in the Old Testament and can be considered a favorite saying about our Lord. These four adjectives can

Volume 14 Issue 2

The Augsburg Confession Article 12 Penance Article XII of the Augsburg Confession brings us to the very issue that provoked the crisis which resulted in the Reformation: the Roman Catholic sacrament of Penance. Rome taught that Baptism negated Original Sin, and removed all sins committed before the time of Baptism, but not any of the

Volume 14 Issue 2

Nolting, isolierte Glaeubige

Zu jedem Zeitpunkt der Geschichte waren die Ungläubigen und Heuchler den Gläubigen gewaltig an Zahl überlegen. Am Ende der Zeiten wird es einen großen zahlenmäßigen Abstand zwischen den Himmelsbewohnern und den Gefangenen der Hölle geben. Wie könnte es anders sein, dass der Gläubige ein isolierter Einzelner ist und die Gläubigen isolierte Gruppen in der Welt?

B.A.S.I.C Volume 14 Issue 1

The Augsburg Confession Article 11 Confession There are two separate articles in the Augsburg Confession which are titled “Of Confession” – Article 11 and Article 25. The first of these is found in the main section of the Augsburg Confession, and is very short. The second is found with the “Articles in dispute” and is

Volume 14 Issue 1


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during WW II was Winston Churchill. He stated that if ever a country in Africa would succeed after independence due to a number of factors it was Uganda. But then there was the coup with Idi Amin taking over, the cannibal Idi Amin. Now the head of state

B.A.S.I.C. #290

B.A.S.I.C. –DECEMBER 2015 Greetings in the name and for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Dear Brothers And Sisters In Christ, it has been our tradition for the past several years to give the Board of Missions the privilege of sending greetings to all of you through the December issue of the

Volume 13 Issue 20

O.T. Prophetic Books

List and summary information about the O.T. prophetic books.

B.A.S.I.C. #289

Volume 13 Issue 19 The Augsburg Confession: Article 10 The Lord’s Supper By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew In the previous article the doctrine of Baptism was discussed. There the Lutherans point out to the emperor that they teach and administer the Sacrament of Baptism according to Scripture and not like the Anabaptists. Now in Article 10


B.A.S.I.C. #288

Volume 13, Issue 18 [ This Issue also includes the 2016 Lectionary. See attachment. ] The Augsburg Confession: Article 9 – Baptism By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew The Sacraments In the fifth article on the means of grace we confessed: “To obtain such faith God instituted the office of the ministry, that is, provided the Gospel and

2015-2016 Lectionary

Volume 13 Issue 18

B.A.S.I.C 287

Volume 13 Issue 17 The Augsburg Confession: Article 8 – What the Church Is By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew The eighth article continues with the subject of the Church which was started in the previous article. This article states: “Again, although the Christian church, properly speaking, is nothing else than the assembly of all believers and saints,

Volume 13 Issue 17

B.A.S.I.C. #286

Volume 13, Issue 16 Augsburg Confession: Fellowship By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew The Church In the previous articles the Lutherans have stated their belief on God, Sin, Jesus Christ, Justification, the Means of Grace, and Sanctification. They have presented the Christian’s relationship with God and now, in the next two articles, they speak about the Christian’s relationship

Volume 13 Issue 16

Zambia Church of the Lutheran Confession

Exploratory work is being done around Lusaka,  ivingstone, and near the Tanzania border by Pastor Ibrahim Lyimo. Email: ibrakarioki [at] yahoo [dot] com Exploratory work is being done by the CLCC out of Congo near Kitwe with about 25 people gathering, contact Pastor Yumba 243818154870 elecotrad [at] yahoo [dot] fr

Mission Evangelique Lutherienne de Confession du Togo

Pastor Kossi, c/o Amegan Kwaku Kpello, BP 3024, Lome, Togo email – bleaddikoss [at] gmail [dot] com ph. +228-90746330, +228-98747094

Church of the Lutheran Confession of East Africa

Pastor Jeremiah, PO Box 583, Usa River, Tanzania email – armema [at] yahoo [dot] com ph. 2557848744066  

Nigerian Church of the Lutheran Confession

Pastor Ufot Umorem PO Box 382, Etinan LGA, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria email – martessien [at] yahoo [dot] com, ufotumorem [at] yahoo [dot] com ph. 08034013349, 08023197328 (Martin Essien), 23417923183 (Mike Essien)

Himalayan Church of the Lutheran Confession – Nepal

Pastor Raju Bhitrakoti, GPO Box No. 20147, Katmandu, Nepal lutheran [dot] nepal [at] gmail [dot] com

Zomi Lutheran Church of Myanmar

Pastor Huatkhanthang Tombing, Chairman, Kalaymyo, Myanmar Pastor Thangkhankham Neihlai, Secretary Email: theclcm [at] gmail [dot] com Pastor Thangkhankham Neihlai -in Myanmar – 12/3 Munlai Bogoyke Rd., Kalaymyo,Sagaing Reginal. Myanmar ph: 09400473379 -in India c/o Upa Ginzahau, Hangzasial Road, New Lamka(G), Churachandpur 79128, Manipur State, India ph. 09862246894

National Lutheran Church of Myanmar

Pastor Charles Edwards, Yangon/09420164008

Kenyan Church of the Lutheran Confession

Etago (St. David’s Church and School) Pastor Enosh, PO Box 115, Kenyenya, Gucha, Kenya email – kenyalutheranconfession [at] yahoo [dot] com ph. +254-735-165-876 Chotororo  Pastor Fred Ogendo email – frogendo [at] yahoo [dot] com ph. +254-720-250-690 Kajiado Pastor Paul Papani email – voiceofmasai [at] yahoo [dot] com ph. +254-701-445-775 Kenuchi Evangelist Isaac Onchina isaaconchina [at]

Berea Evangelical Lutheran Church

Pastor D. Paul Bakthavachalam, D.No.-11-157, Nagalapuram West,9-109 Gandhi St., Nagalapuram. Chittoor District 517586 Andhra Pradesh email – dpaulbaktha [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in ph. office 0857270370, cell 09885807473 Pastor P. Moses Raghu, H. No. 13-3-350, Muthyala Paleem Raamalinga Puram, Nellore, 524003, Andhra Pradesh email – moses_raghu [at] yahoo [dot] co.i ph. 08612319108, cell 09440910008

Church of the Lutheran Confession India

Rev V Jyothi Benjamin H. no- 10-11-10, 13th ward  Christian pet, NIDUBROLU -522124 PONNUR (Mandal) Guntur District , Andhra Pradesh  South India email – jyothibenjamin [at] yahoo [dot] com ph. 08643245687 institute,cell 09346945687, 08643242400 VS Benjamin, 09848366215 Nireekshana

Crown of Glory Lutheran Church

Pastor Gideon Abussah, PO Box 112, Denu, Ghana email – gideonabussah [at] yahoo [dot] com

Congregation Confessionnelle Lutheranienne Du Congo (CCLC)

Pastor Yumba  email – elecotrad [at] yahoo [dot] fr  – ph. 243818154870

Pastor Todd Ohlmann

CLC Board of Missions Chairman — thohlmann [at] gmail [dot] com — Cell: (314) 517-0177   Faith Lutheran Church of West St. Louis County 1183 Big Bend Rd Manchester, MO 63021

Matthew Ude

— matthew [dot] ude [at] lutheranmissions [dot] org 507 Grover Rd., Eau Claire, WI 54701, USA, (715) 955-4642 cell in the US (715) 450-2257


Regretfully our fellowship with the LCEA has been broken. The leadership closed St. Peter’s Sem. and is trying to sell the property. We pray for those who still wish to remain in fellowship with us to be strong in the Word.


96 souls in one congregation and five preaching stations, 1 pastor – New in Myanmar 2014

B.A.S.I.C. #284

Volume 13, Issue 14 Augsburg Confession: Third Article, The Means of Grace By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew The Means of Grace True Lutherans are unique on their understanding of the Means of Grace. No other branch of Christianity attributes to the Gospel the efficacy and power which Luther and his followers did, and still do. It

Volume 13 Issue 14

B.A.S.I.C #281

Volume 13, Issue 11 The Augsburg Confession: Article Two, Of Original Sin By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew Article 2 of the Augsburg Confession deals with the fundamental problem faced by the human race – sin. The existence of sin cannot be denied by any reasonable person since it is abundantly evident in the world around us. Yet

B.A.S.I.C #280

Volume 13, Issue 10 The Augsburg Confession: Article One, Of God By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew The first article of the Augsburg Confession defines the person and nature of God. Every civilization in the world has a belief in “god” in one form or another. These “gods” are not all the same – there are many different

Volume 13 Issue 11

Volume 13 Issue 10

B.A.S.I.C. #279

Volume 13, Issue 8 The Augsburg Confession By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew A copy of the Augsburg Confession can be found at   The Augsburg Confession is probably the most familiar and most widely used of all the particular confessions of the Lutheran Church. It can be found printed in the front of many Lutheran

Volume 13 Issue 9

Do The Work of an Evangelist

In this study we consider how we aught to be doing the work of proclaiming the Good News, evangelizing. We consider how first of all we are the Spirit’s instruments. This does not diminish though in any way our efforts at evangelization. Secondly, we remember how in our efforts we have to always keep Christ

Do the Work of an Evangelist

In this study we consider how we aught to be doing the work of proclaiming the Good News, evangelizing. We consider how first of all we are the Spirit’s instruments. This does not diminish though in any way our efforts at evangelization. Secondly, we remember how in our efforts we have to always keep Christ


Do The Work of an Evangelist

In this study we consider how we aught to be doing the work of proclaiming the Good News, evangelizing. We consider how first of all we are the Spirit’s instruments. This does not diminish though in any way our efforts at evangelization. Secondly, we remember how in our efforts we have to always keep Christ

Do The Work of an Evangelist

In this study we consider how we aught to be doing the work of proclaiming the Good News, evangelizing. We consider how first of all we are the Spirit’s instruments. This does not diminish though in any way our efforts at evangelization. Secondly, we remember how in our efforts we have to always keep Christ

Do The Work of an Evangelist

In this study we consider how we aught to be doing the work of proclaiming the Good News, evangelizing. We consider how first of all we are the Spirit’s instruments. This does not diminish though in any way our efforts at evangelization. Secondly, we remember how in our efforts we have to always keep Christ

B.A.S.I.C #276

Volume 13, Issue 6 The Nicene Creed By Pastor Nathanael Mayhew I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible. And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all worlds, God of God, Light of Light,



With every passing year human society has been moving in the direction of becoming more tolerant and approving of sexuality. Advocates speaking in favor of this manner of living have been found in the private sector, religious community, public education, medical field and in government. Evidence of this can be seen in the public schools of New York city where the


What About Divorce? When may a Christian obtain a divorce? Introduction. Generalities are the peril of the preacher who has a fine scorn of technicalities.  One must be able to make the proper generalization out of a mass of details, but he is no theologian who is not first a grammarian, as Dr. A. M.

Living Together Without Marriage

Increasingly, men and women choose to live as husband and wife without being married. This pamphlet will answer some questions asked about living together.

Living Together

Increasingly, men and women choose to live as husband and wife without being married. This pamphlet will answer some questions asked about living together.

Living Together

Increasingly, men and women choose to live as husband and wife without being married. This pamphlet will answer some questions asked about living together.


The following is a summary of an article written by Pastor Bruce Naumann and submitted to the Journal of Theology, Volume 38 Issue 2. The full essay can be downloaded here.  It has been variously described as the devil’s tool, a form of harmless recreation, and a “volunteer tax.” Different religious leaders have condemned it,


B.A.S.I.C. #272

Volume 13, Issue 2  Let us have faith in God until the time God exalts us By Pastor Moses Raghu 1 Peter 5:6-7 “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.” We need to think on what occasion did Peter spoke this word and to whom? 1


B.A.S.I.C. #271

Volume 13, Issue 1 The Bronze Serpent by Pastor Jyothi Benjamin How many people like snakes? Snakes just aren’t something that turns us on or that we want to look at too often. Some people even don’t like to see a snake at all. And yet, in our text today, we find people looking at


2015 MLBS Graduation

March 11th 2015 21 young men graduated from Martin Luther Bible School in Nagalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India. This is the 4th graduating class of the MLBS. The commencement address was given by Missionary Edward Starkey. Pastor Starkey spoke about the need to keep preaching the word against all adversity. Pastor Bhaskar, Pastor Rajamani, Pastor D


Jan. 29-31 a seminar was held in Yangon with around 100 in attendance. Pastors Ohlmann and Koenig conducted it. Feb. 4-7 a seminar was held in Kalay with over 80 in attendance with Pastors Ohlmann and Koenig teaching.


Jan. 30-31 a seminar was held in Yangon with Pastor Charles Edwards people and others invited. Att. was around 90 each day. Feb. 5-8 a seminar was held in Kalay with over 80 in attendance each day. At the CLC Convention June 16-19 The National Lutheran Church of Myanmar was declared as in fellowship with


A four day seminar was held at Kalay with representatives of the church coming with over  80 each day. Feb. 1-5 Discussions were held with Pastor Charles Edwards of Yangon on his request for fellowship with the CLC. Extensive correspondence was also carried out finding that we were in agreement. Pastor Charles of the National Lutheran Church


Pastor Kham was able to attend the Joint Asian Pastoral Conf. Oct. 3-4 at Guntur, India.



Offenbarung 20 und das tausendjährige Reich

Der Inhalt der Schrift ist einer, im alten wie im neuen Testament: Christus und das von ihm erworbene Heil. So bezeugt es Christus: Sie ist es die von mir zeugt. So bezeugen es die Apostel: Von diesem Jesus zeugen alle Propheten, dass in seinem Namen alle, die an ihn glauben Vergebung der Sünden empfangen sollen.

JAPC Report 2014

Reports and Essays: Pictures:

Essay: Workers for Christ

By Pastor Kham

Essay: Serving Him Who Redeemed Us

By Pastor Paul Naumann

Essay: Luther’s Response to Evolution

By Pastor Charles Edwards Pastor Charles Edwards discuss what Luther had to say about Evolution

Essay: Luther’s Family Life

By Pastor Edward Starkey Pastor Starkey discusses Luther’s wife, marriage, and family.

Essay: Against the Seventh Day Adventist Church

By Missionary Matthew Ude A discussion on the various false teachings of the SDA church. Originally published in the BASIC newsletter.

NLC Report

By Pastor Charles Edwards Pastor Charles gave an oral report on the work of the of the NLC and the state of Christianity in Yangoon, Myanmar.

LCI Oral Report

By Pastor Hans Pastor Hans who is a visitor at the JAPC as he is not yet in fellowship, gave an oral report on the work of the LCI as well as talking about the difficulties that they face in the state of Orisa.  

HCLC-N Report

By Pastor Rajan The political background of the country is getting better and stable. Now the Democratic Party is leading the government. – . HCLCN pastors meet every month in Kathmandu for pastors’ fellowship and Bible study. – Public evangelism is prohibited however we go to individual houses to share the message of salvation. –

CLCM Report

By Pastor Kham Koenig visited on the 5-8th of February 2014 at Kalay, covering topics: God Rules, Sacrifice, Genesis Questions, NT Timeline, A Study of Acts, Rabbi Jesus. Currently the CLCM has 56 congregations in separate villages. Khenman village has started building a church. One evangelist, and two missionaries work hard throughout our villages. Pastor


By Pastor V S Raju Out annual VBS-14 was held from 2nd June to 6th June 2014. We reinforced the gospel with songs, crafts, scripture memory and stories.

CLCI Seminary

By Pastor Jyothi Benjamin In the past 15 years 133 students have graduated from the CLCI school. In the 2013 – 14 school year there was a total of 202 school days. At present there are 38 students in the school. On June 16th 2014 14 men graduated from the school and dedicated their lives

CLCI Missionary Visits

By Pastor Jyothi Benjamin Reverend Edward Starkey visited in December of 2013. His lessons: “Our relationship with God” “Psalm 117” “Psalm 119” “Luther discusses the life of a Pastor” Pastor Matthew and Vanessa visited in February 2014. He taught lessons on Ephesians.

CLCI Activities

By Pastor Nireekshana Benjamin 14,120 baptisms; street evangelism; door-to-door youth outreach; construction of three prayer sheds; CD and DVD ministry

BELC Districts Uthukottai, Vanyimbadi, and Ponneri

By Pastor T Sampath Pastors: 48 in Vaniyambadi; 37 in Uthukottai; 15 in Ponneri

BELC Districts Tiruvallure, Tiruttani, and Ambur

By Pastor Rajamani Pastors: 36 in Chennai; 58 in Tiruvallure; 37 in Tiruttani; 14 in Ambur We have dispersed 5,500 small catechisms and 850 Tamil bibles. We have constructed 6 church buildings

BELC Districts Nellore and Renigunta

By Pastor Moses Raghu Nellore: 50 pastors in 55 congregations Renigunta: 44 pastors in 50 congregations Bangalore: 30 pasotrs in 30 congregations Leprosy ministry in Tirupati Special report on Pastor Moses’ visit to Sri Lanka

BELC Bible School: MLBS

By Pastor D Paul The purpose of a sermon:  1. Lead sinners to Christ; 2. Proclaim God’s word; 3. Law and Gospel; 4. Proclaim whole counsel of God; 5. Relate the Word to the people; 6. Goal oriented sermons; 7. Plan of salvation A full list of the 2 year teaching program at MLBS 26

BELC Districts Koppedu, Sri Kalahastri, Chittoor, Puttur, and Madanapalli

Pastor B Bhaskar, Read by Pastor D Paul Bible studies using Martin Luther’s catechism take place in our churches Wednesday night. Baptisms: 17 in Puttur, 38 in Chittoor, 27 in Sri Kalahastri, 15 in Madanapalli Pastors: 49 in Koppedu, 36 in Sri Kalahastri, 35 in Chittoor, 20 in Madanapalli, 30 in Puttur

BELC Districts Kadapa, Rajampeta, Proddutur, Vempalli, and Allagadda

By Pastor V Victor Victor asks for help with Bibles, Hymn books, and medical help.

BELC Districts Andaman, Nicobar Islands, and Chengleput

By Pastor Deepak Immanuel The main point of Pastor Deepak Immanuel’s report is to show how the Indian subcontinent has suffered from a lack of God’s word. Not just the Hindu’s who do not have the word of God but even those claiming to be Christian, who although they have the Bible and pastors, nevertheless

BELC Child Evangelism

By Pastor D Paul In Sunday school throughout the BELC we teach bible lessons, memorize bible passages, play games and provide coloring pictures. Number of children in Sunday school in the following districts: 1457 Koppedu, 1371 Chittoor, 1085 Sri Kalahastri, 1214 Uthukottai, 1270 Vanyimbadi, 1395 Chennai, 1420 Tiruvallure, 987 Tiruttani, 376 Ambur, 123 Ponneri, 765

JAPC 2014 All Essays

A zipped file containing all reports, essays, and audio files from the 2014 JAPC conference.

Lesson 6 – BELC VBS

Lesson 5 – CLC in India

Lesson 2 – Animals of India

Lesson 1 – India Geography

Program Flier

India Poster

B.A.S.I.C #266

Volume 12, Issue 11 News From Nigeria In Nigeria the churches of the NCLC are working together to build and support one another. The following report comes from Alfred Essien, board member of the NCLC: An evangelism support service was held in Iton, Mkat Enin,on 13th July 2014, aimed at  supporting that congregation to raise

Volume 12 Issue 11

B.A.S.I.C #265

Volume 12, Issue 10 Thoughts From Nepal Excerpts from the recent 2014 MHT to Nepal Blog One girl in particular was talking away to me and I tried telling her how I only speak English and she did not seem to care because she continued just talking away. Even though the people of Nepal

Volume 12 Issue 10

Auslegung zum 110

BASIC Newsletter #264

Volume 12, Issue 9 The Noble Art of Music Pastor Matthew Ude In Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India Pastor Victor Vemuri loves to sing. At the beginning of every class, after tea break, and before leaving Victor makes sure that the men are singing. Sometimes I get impatient. Because of the limited time I want to

Volume 12 Issue 9

BASIC Newsletter #263

Volume 12 Issue 8 [download id=”369″ format=”10″] The SDA Church – Part 4 – Christ’s Coming By Missionary Matthew Ude Concerning Christ’s second coming a brief but detailed description of the SDA beliefs can be found online at . Rather than quote the whole article I’ve summarized it here. Jesus returns, the wicked are

The Kingdom of Heaven Explained through the Parables of Matthew 13

Originally written for the Joint Asia Pastor Conference in Chennai India on  Thursday, October 13, 2011 Introduction Matthew 3:2   2 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” The Kingdom of Heaven, is neither a kingdom nor is it a part of heaven. Heaven can quite easily be defined in such a way as to make

He Is Arisen

B.A.S.I.C #262 Volume 12, Issue 7  |  April 20, 2014 [download id=”367″ format=”10″] 29 “Brothers, I may say to you with confidence about the patriarch David that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is with us to this day.  30 Being therefore a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an

Volume 12 Issue 7










BASIC Newsletter #260

Volume 12 Issue 5 [download id=”355″ format=”10″] The SDA Church – Part 3– Hell Missionary Matthew Ude Continuing our series on the SDA church we will take a look this week on their teaching concerning hell. Hell Concerning death and hell the SDA church writes the following:  There’s one upside to human mortality: nobody will

Volume 12 Issue 5

BASIC Newsletter #259

B.A.S.I.C. #259 Volume 12, Issue 4 [download id=”354″ format=”10″] The SDA Church – Part 2 – Sabbath This month we are going to continue our series looking into the claims of the Seventh Day Adventist church. In the last issue we acknowledged that there may indeed be true Christians among the SDA church, however the

Volume 12 Issue 4

Test the Spirits

BASIC Newsletter #258

B.A.S.I.C. #258 Volume 12 Issue 3 [download id=”349″ format=”10″] CLC Work in Myanmar The government of Myanmar is far better now to deal with than five or six years ago. No bribes were paid this time. Conditions of travel are improving. For all this and more we thank our Lord who rules over all. Pastor

Volume 12 Issue 3

Family Life

When we talk of marriage, we refer to the blessings God give through it.

Volume Issue 24

Volume 11 Issue 23

BASIC Newsletter #255

[download id=”342″ format=”10″] B.A.S.I.C. –DECEMBER 2013  Volume 11, Issue 24 Greetings in the name and for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!   It is my privilege to write to you on behalf of the CLC Board of Missions as we look back on a year of God’s abundant blessings and rejoice

BASIC Newsletter #254

[download id=”341″ format=”10″] The Meaning of Immanuel The following is an excerpt from “Die grosze Weissagung vom Jungfrauensohn in ihrem historisehen Rahmen,” by August Pieper. Quartalschrift, October, 1904, p 219ff. Translated by John Jeske, with some minor updating. The full essay can be found on the WELS Essay website, Let us turn our attention

Augsburg Confession


We as Christians have the greatest of expectations, though now our life may be filled with toil, turmoil and trouble. Our end though is beyond all our expectations in bliss and glory. The word translated as 'hope' in both the Old Testament and the New Testament means 'expectation'.

Genesis Study

In this study we look at questions that have arisen on matters in the book of Genesis.

Original Sin

Original sin is within man and pushes out then the actual sin. Our Lord says that it is out of the heart that all sorts of sins proceed. Mk. 7:21-23 This is nothing new. Jeremiah said that the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately corrupt; who a understand it? 17:9 It is as if when we look within ourselves we see a deep, dark pit the bottom of which we cannot see. We cannot understand how deep it is/how bad it is, this inborn sin. This is why we need the Word to reveal to us all we need to know about it.

Hebrew Sermon Outlines


2013 Mission Helper Trip to India

The 2013 CLC Mission Helpers spent three weeks this past sum-mer in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pra-desh working along-side their brothers and sisters in Christ of the CLCI and BELC. Ten individuals (David Lueck, Nathan No-eldner, Andrew Roehl, Jennifer Grabow, Becky Haddad, Lucas Brown, Melanie Halstein, Katherine Kazemba, Becky McKen-ney,

East Africa Visitation Report

Part-time Missionary to Kenya/Uganda Summary from 2013: The part-time missionary visit to Kenya this year re-volved around a few main points of emphasis. With only three and a half weeks of total time in-country, there are fewer individual and congregational visits that can take place. The first week was dedicated to the training of semi-nary

Catechism – Katekisimo Ndogo Ya Martin Luther

Martin Luther's small catechism

April 2008

In April 2008 Pastor Nathanael Mayhew was called as the CLC part-time Missionary to East Africa.


LCEA Assessed work among Masai and others – Investigated how to better do the Seminary October 27-November 1 – Mission Board members B. Naumann and L. Hansen with missionary held meetings with pastors, seminary students and teachers and visited several congregations. October 31 – Twenty-five pastors and seminary students attended study conference. Fourteen are enrolled

2013 – January

I, Missionary Matthew Ude, along with my wife Vanessa arrived for the 2012 visit on January 14th. CCLC I taught the pastors of the CCLC for two days starting earlier in the morning and going late into the afternoon. We went through an in depth study of the means of grace. We were able to

February 2013

After a 30 minutes mild asthma attack, the Lord took Pastor Patrick Udo, president of the NCLC, home. We thank the Lord for Patrick’s dedicated service over the years, and we ask the Lord to bless the NCLC with new leaders who will take a firm loving stand in His word.

November 2012

Missionary Matthew Ude was able to visit Kossi for a few days in Togo. Kossi is currently serving four congregations, Valapariso 150 members, Segby 40 members, Hahatoe, and Zanguera. These last two are both small gatherings in villages outside of Togo. Missionary Ude was able to visit Hahatoe and Zanguera and meet with the congregations here. Kossi also


K4K Poster 2012 Tanzania

K4K Tanzania Info Sheet

Tanzania – Resources

West Africa

View West Africa in a larger map Legend Green, Ghana – Crown of Glory Lutheran Church Pink, Togo – Eglise Evangelique Lutherienne de Confession du Togo Pink Tacks – Possible Future Expansion Blue, Nigeria – Nigerian Church of the Lutheran Confession

The Position of Women in the Church

Print pages front and back to make a booklet.

Test the Spirits

Print pages front and back to make a booklet.

Test the Spirits

Law and Gospel

Print pages front and back to make a booklet.

Law and Gospel


Print pages front and back to make a booklet.


November 2012

2nd Annual West Africa CLC Pastoral Conference 17 pastors were in attendance from Nigeria, and Togo. The pastors all gave short reports on their individual congregations. Essays were given: We Work in Fear and Trembling in our Daily Life by Essien Michael Ekong, The Work of Salvation in Us by Eric Johnson, God Works Salvation

A Taste of India(BELC)

Persecution – Pastor Peter Bhasker of Chittoor Dist. had recently bought land and done digging for a foundation in his village. But radical Hindus said they did not want a Christian church built there. And the local politician(MLA) supported them so that the construction is at a standstill. Pastor had done everything legally, but now

God Rules

Sometimes Christians in their weakness may wonder 'why this is happening to me?!' Though we know our God is all-knowing and all powerful, the thought may cross the mind 'how long must I endure before He acts?'

Liberia Dream, From Grace Lutheran

Like Cold Water to a Thirsty Soul is Good News from a Far Country There are many ways of doing outreach in the world. One method that has been on the increase among Christians is by a congregation initiating work. In the CLC this has been happening also. Here is a report on such from

Pastor G. D. Bakthavachalam

Pastor G. D. Bakthavachalam is 73 years old at this most distant congregation in the Chittoor Dist. of the BELC. He is the white-haired man in the pictures. It has been decided to gather perhaps 20 men at his church to begin instruction in our Lutheran teachings. We want to get this established before the


We as Christians have the greatest of expectations, though now our life may be filled with toil, turmoil and trouble. Our end though is beyond all our expectations in bliss and glory. The word translated as 'hope' in both the Old Testament and the New Testament means 'expectation'.

BELC Kadapa, Kurnool, Rayachotti, Rajampeta

Speaker: Victor Vemuri

BELC Nellore and Renigunta

Speaker: Moses Raghu

CLCM Myanmay Report

Speaker: Kham


Speaker: D Paul

CLCI Seminary

Speaker: Jyothi Benjamin

CLCI Missionary Visits

Speaker: Nireekshana Raju

CLCI Activities

Speaker: Nireekshana Raju

HCLCN – Report on Nepal

Speaker: Rajan Bhitrokoti

BELC Chengleput and Andaman Islands

Speaker: Deepak

BELC Southeran Districts

Speaker: D Paul

JAPC 2012 Summary pdf

JAPC 2012

View a Summary of JAPC by clicking on the picture below:   [lm_fancybox title=”Click on picture to see next slide” url=”” icon=”” ]   Download a summary of JAPC 2012 in PDF format: [download id=”287″ format=”8″ ]   Here you can download the full reports from the 2012 JAPC. [downloads query=”orderby=title&order=ASC&category=43″ format=”4″] Name Size Hits

My Church and Others

A discussion and comparison of various Lutheran Doctrines by John T. Mueller. Translated into Teddim-Chin.

Rabbi Jesus – Master Teacher

"Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness. For we all make many mistakes...” 3:1-2 We are fallible and need to improve in how we communicate the truth of God's Word. What better way to improve than to see how the Master did it.


13,689 souls,288 pastors, 38 in seminary, 288 congregations, 230 preaching stations

Flood Timelines

Timeline of Gen 5 genealogies and timeline of flood labeled by Hebrew months.

Flood Timelines

Timeline of Gen 5 genealogies and timeline of flood labeled by Hebrew months.

Rabbi Jesus – Master Teacher

-- part one --

Rabbi Jesus – Master Teacher

-- part two --

Rabbi Jesus – Master Teacher

-- part three --

Rabbi Jesus – Master Teacher

-- part four --

Rabbi Jesus – Master Teacher

-- full document -- this document can also be found in smaller parts under Tamil Essays --
"Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness. For we all make many mistakes...” 3:1-2 We are fallible and need to improve in how we communicate the truth of God's Word. What better way to improve than to see how the Master did it.


Missed Opportunity for Visit to USA

In the month of June, Pastor Thang Kham, the Secretary of the CLCM in Myanmar, was planning a trip to our country in order to attend our synod convention and also visit some of our congregations. Since he was unable to obtain a visa in time, the visit did not materialize. Pastor Kham is hoping

“New” Used Van Purchased for TVBS

Raju Bhitrakoti, who is planning to attend ILC this fall to begin seminary training, reports making a recent 8 hour trip with his brother Rajan and two other Christian brethren to Jiri north of Kathmandu. At Jiri they attended a wedding service where the Gospel of Christ was proclaimed to many nonChristians. The following day

Trip to Jiri, Nepal

Raju Bhitrakoti, who is planning to attend ILC this fall to begin seminary training, reports making a recent 8 hour trip with his brother Rajan and two other Christian brethren to Jiri north of Kathmandu. At Jiri they attended a wedding service where the Gospel of Christ was proclaimed to many nonChristians. The following day

New Church/School Building Needed in Etago, Kenya

During the time one of our Mission Helper teams was at Etago, Kenya, it was quite apparent to them that the building which houses the church and school known as St. David’s KINSHIP Academy is sorely in need of being replaced. (The school has been receiving financial support from KINSHIP.) Loren Hansen ,  who headed

2012 Mission Helper Trip to East Africa

On July 8th, fourteen Mission Helpers from several CLC congregations and Pastor Todd Ohlmann left for East Africa to proclaim the Gospel of Christ for three and a half weeks. These fifteen ambassadors of Christ were divided up into three teams: Etago Team, Moi’s Bridge Team, and Tanzania Team. The Etago Team was made up

A Good Time Was Had By All

The BELC Koppedu District has been having an inauguration of their VBS throughout the district now for several years. This year fifteen pastors brought over 600 children together on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the beginning of VBS time. Several MLBS students and also some ladies helped to keep the children in order. Of course we


The divine anger is evident to man and so he tries to placate it with his puny efforts. And he tries to bribe the gods to do him favors. What a dismal scene among men this is.

God Rules

Sometimes Christians in their weakness may wonder 'why this is happening to me?!' Though we know our God is all-knowing and all powerful, the thought may cross the mind 'how long must I endure before He acts?'

Oriya Essays

Oriya Catechism


5 Pastors, 7 Bible Students, 5 Congregations, 6 Preaching Stations


souls 978, 13 called workers, 16 congregations, 3 student in the Bible Institute


Etago – Pastor Enosh Anyona along with 2 evangelists serve 102 souls (39 adults, 63 children)  St. David’s School Enrollment – 188 students w/ 15 faculty and staff Kajiado – Pastor Paul Papani along with several evangelists serve 1,619 souls in 16 congregations; 20 students attending theological training school. Chotororo – Pastor Fred Ogendo along with 1


15 souls served by one pastor with one going through a study to join


In Congo: 23 Pastors, 37 evangelists In Zambia: 4 Pastors, 2 Pastors in training,  9 evangelists, 183 members 

January 2012 East Africa Visitation Trip Report

“And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them” – Mark 16:20 In Badagari, Nigeria, a new church standing on the border between Benin and Nigeria welcomed me and pastors from three other countries. Some of these pastors came from churches with traditions and songs vastly diverse from our typical Lutheran heritage. Here traditions were shared while unity was preserved. As the words of F. Pieper reminded this group, “The unity of

A Report from Pastor Nolting on CLC work in Peru

The following is a report from Pastor Nolting on CLC work in Peru. Read with prayer of thanks. Regarding the work in Peru. Daniel Pfeiffer (member of CLC Mankato, Mn.) is back in Lima until Thanksgiving. He will be working full-time in mission outreach and teaching. He had begun the instruction of about 20 adults

Encounters of a Spiritual Kind the Third Party-Acts 13:5-12

This is what could be called a spiritual tug of war. With Paul on one end, Elymas on the other and Sergius in the middle. It is also confrontational. The confrontation though is not with Sergius, the object of the witnessing, but with the opponent Elymas. Here Paul must hurl the law at Elymas who is interfering with Sergius who “sought to

Greetings from Teacher Ibrahim

I am very happy to write to you this mail because in the Christ we  are one therefore we need  to know each other in spiritual life and  physical as well. It is by the grace of God to communicate to you through mail but  in spirit we communicate every day through prayer as the

Works of the Flesh

Fruit of the Spirit

Rabbi Jesus – Master Teacher

"Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness. For we all make many mistakes...” 3:1-2 We are fallible and need to improve in how we communicate the truth of God's Word. What better way to improve than to see how the Master did it.





Edited and updated, a study of the beatitudes.

2012 Mission Helper Trip to East Africa

The Lord has blessed us with the following fellow Christians who will be traveling to East Africa on the Mission Helper Trip this summer:  Gretchen Eichstadt, Emily Tester, Christiana Schreyer, Jessica Ohlmann,  Jennifer Grabow,  Kate Oster,  Tom Naumann,  Ashley Elliott,  Matthew Kranz,  Kirsten Gullerud,  Lucas Brown,  Jordan Horillo, Randy Wittorp, Loren Hansen,  Pastor Mike Gurath,

Mission Contact in Zimbabwe

Our internet website has proven to be a valuable means of spreading the word worldwide of our Christian fellowship and teachings. From time to time we receive inquiries from other countries. Some of the contacts have developed into establishing fellowship relations and joint mission work, while others have not progressed very far. Missionary Ude and

2012 CLC Board of Missions Central Africa Visitation

It has been the goal and practice of the CLC Board of Missions to maintain a regular schedule of personal visits to the various church bodies we are privileged to work with around the world. Missionary Matthew Ude lives and works primarily in India with the CLC-India and the BELC, but part of his duties

January 2012

Missionary Matthew Ude was unable to make a visit to Togo, but did meet with Kossi in Badagari at the Joint West Africa CLC Pastoral Conference. Pastor Kossi along with five young men studying for the ministry under Kossi’s guidance, arrived in Badagari. Kossi’s congregations in Varipariso ( 100 adults ) and Segby ( 20

2012 – January

Pastor Todd Ohlmann and Missionary Matthew Ude arrived for the 2011 visit in the middle of January 2012. They met to teach the pastors of the ELCC and visit the two Lubumbashi ELCC congregations for two days. During class they discussed the role of the Holy Spirit and a proper understanding of the gifts of

2012 Mission Helper Trip to East Africa

Sixteen applications for the 2012 Mission Helper Trip to East Africa have been approved. The Mission Helper Trip will take place in July and last for 3 to 4 weeks.  The maximum number of Helpers for this trip has been reached.  Please pray for this mission effort. Volunteers will be working with pastors and members

Third Foreign Missionary and East Africa

¨ The 2008 CLC Convention acknow-ledge the urgent need for a full time missionary in East Africa. The Con-vention resolved, “we eagerly antici-pate the calling of a full time missionary when financially feasible.” ¨ The Board of Missions determined it would cost about $50,000 per year for a third full time missionary. ¨ As our  congregations set their

2011 East Africa Visitation Report

“In October, Russ Schmitt and I returned from five weeks among our churches in East Africa. We were accompanied on our visitation by Pastor Michael Gurath who just returned to the states a week ago. In the past, I have divided my time in East Africa into four parts: Visiting congregations, following up with new

Messengers of the Christmas Gospel

The LORD used an angelic messenger to announce to certain Bethlehem shepherds the birth of the Savior of the world, saying to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David

Pray for Thailand

                 Mark Bohde and his son Carlton, when finishing work in Myanmar with the CLCM, will be proceeding to Thailand to investigate possibilities of the resumption of work there. Pray for this success.                  Most recently Mark and his family lived and served in Thailand from 1999-2005. It

Himalayan Church of the Lutheran Confession of Nepal (HCLCN) ( continued )

Pastor Ohlmann received email updates on the work and on-going study almost weekly from Pastor Raju. They continue to study together through email correspondence courses. The lessons they go through via email serve as the basis for the lessons that are then taught at the monthly pastoral meetings. Over the past few years the pastors

Himalayan Church of the Lutheran Confession of Nepal (HCLCN)

The Kingdom of Nepal had the distinction of being the world’s only Hindu nation until the Hindu Monarchy fell in the spring of 2008. With isolated valleys and steep mountains, Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. Much of the country is inaccessible to vehicles due to the rugged mountainous terrain. While

K4K – Nepal 2011 Poster

JAPC 2011 Summary

Click to see next slide – Download full reports below [downloads query=”orderby=id&order=ASC&category=39″ format=”6″]

MLBS Report

Delivered by D. Paul - BELC a. The teachers of the MLBS along with what it is they teach i. T. Sampath; V. Rajamani; K. Ashirvadham; B. Bhasker; D Paul b. Graduation Feb 28 – 18 Graduates c. March 1st – Inauguration – 16 new students ( 6 students from BELC congregation – 10 from outside the BELC ) d. Many from other congregations request

CLCI Seminary Report

Delivered by Jyothi Benjamin - CLCI a. 95 Fully trained pastors have come from Seminary in the last 13 years ( 6 previous Muslim ) b. 14 Graduates Seminary this last June c. 436 graduates from Bible Correspondence Course d. 10 Graduates from Correspondence Course this last June

Nellore and Renigunta Districts Report

Delivered by Moses Raghu - BELC a. Nellore – Pastors 45 – Children 1200 – Adults 1700 b. Renigunta – Pastors 40 – Childrens 977 – Adults 1300 c. Built 2 church buildings d. Leprosy Work e. Bangalore – 30 pastors – here they are waiting for us to come – I visited once, Moses visited twice more

CLCI CLC Missionary Visits Report

Delivered by V. D. S. Raju - CLCI a. Missionary Matthew Ude’s Visit October 2010 b. Brother John Rohrbach visited from 17th Dec to 4th Jan – brother john gave away many many gifts and visited 9 congregations c. Rev. David Koenig visit February 2011 – preach with much visual aids – opened new prayer shed at Dandamudi village d. Brother David Lueck visited September 2011 – preached on Samaritan Woman – Taught teaching techniques of Jesus

BELC Southern Districts

Delivered by D.Paul - BELC a. 161 souls added to the church this year b. Confirmation – All pastors are teaching Wednesday or Tuesday evening bible study on small catechism. When ready for confirmation the pastor meets with them individually to deal with any special conditions or problems. c. Lord’s Supper is celebrated twice monthly, some congregation every month d. Film ministry this year in over 33 villages e. Tuition Centers - Out of work youth help conduct tuition Centers, where they help children in the area. These youth receive no money for their work. f. Rajamani is currently supporting a few medical camps g. Dave asked about the possibility of getting the Luther Film Dubbed into Tamil – D Paul said he would look into it.

CLCM Report

Delivered by Kham - CLCM a. The CLCM operates primarily in the Chin state of Myanmar, and works primarily among the ethnic group Teddim Chim ( there are 35 ethnic groups in Myanmar ) b. 95% of the population is Buddhist c. The Headquarters are Munlai Kalaymo, Sagaing Division where any foreigner can visit without restriction from the government. d. 9 pastors, 2 evangelists, and 1 worker – 56 congregations e. Evangelist Hmang – is able to enter the military camps and speak in Burmese and preach and teach among the Burmese, especially among the military. Because his father was military he is able to enter among the military. f. They have 3 schools, but these schools were shut down by the government g. Able to purchase four plots of land for permanent site for CLCM i. Build a church, office for chairman and secretary, later on children home, and college h. It is our deep desire to open Lutheran Institute – There are young men waiting to enter into study for the ministry

Kadapa Report

Delivered by V. Victor - BELC a. Trusting the Lord’s sovereign guidance frees us from financial worry. This keeps us focused on ministry rather than relying on human ingenuity or cleverness to raise money. b. Districts where V. Victor is working: Kadapa, Kurnool, Rayachotti, Rajampetta, Mydukur and Goa. c. “I am one of the agents of God . . . [to] multiply many agents of the Lord . . .” d. Three times he has visited Goa, now a fourth is planned. In Goa the pastors’ native tongue is English. A few people also speak Portuguese.

Andaman and Chengelput Report

Delivered by Deepak - BELC a. Currently teaching “Summary of Christian Doctrine” and “Shadows and Substance” in both district b. Orissa – When Deepak became a Christian his parents told him he must choose us or Christ. For 15 years no contact with his family. His family thought that he had dies in the Tsunami so they asked pastors in Andaman looking for information about Deepak. Now he found out that many of his family are now Christian. c. Pray Requests – church buildings, orphanages, schools, paddy land, start work in Orissa

Nepal Report

Delivered by Raju Bhitrakoti - HCLCN a. 2 pastors near Tibet border cross into the Tibet area and do some teaching – plus there are some contacts across the border that are interested in working with HCLC-N b. STATS: Pastors 23, Baptized Believers 200+, Church Members 3500+ c. Monthly Youth Fellowship with 80 -100 attending d. Mrs. Rama ( JB’s Wife ) is also teaching Woman Conferences Annually e. Orphanage started with 11 children in home

CLCI General Report

Delivered by Nireekshana - CLCI a. Receiving a good number of phone calls based on Tract distribution b. Activities through which members are joining CLCI i. 1% Special Need ii. 2-3% Walked in to the church iii. 5-10% Tracts and Evangelism iv. 15-20% VBS – Sunday School v. 24-30% Gospel Meetings vi. 15-20% Church Programs vii. 55-70% Friend or Relative c. CLCI has built 6 new prayer sheds and is desperately praying for 12 more in the coming year at the cost of $1,000 USD each d. 27 converted Muslims are now pastors in the CLCI ( 1985 – 2011 ) – these pastors then return to the Muslim areas e. Tribal Outreach - The Tribal people of India have no income, no jobs, little too eat and even schooling is denied to their children. The CLCI reaches out with the Gospel, but also with education, teaching reading and writing, distributing slates and slate pencils, and twice yearly conducting Medical Camps f. Other Ministries i. Audio Ministry ( sending out CDs every two weeks with messages ) ii. Film Ministries iii. Prison Ministries ( One prisoner was released and worked as part time evangelist, but was than killed by his enemies. ) iv. Medical Camps v. VBS ( 1,515 children this year )

Child Evangelism in BELC

Presented by Rajamani - BELC a. Youth of congregations teaching Sunday School Regularly ( 8,284 children ) b. VBS Program i. Next year “Christ is our Manna” ii. Many Hindu and Muslim children attend iii. Volunteers provide snaks iv. Youth do teaching

JAPC All Essays

All Essays given at the 2011 JAPC in Chennai


German Essays


2011 Mission Helper Trip to Nepal

2011 Mission Helper Trip to Nepal On Tuesday, July 5th, the 2011 Mission Helper Team departed from Chicago O’Hare airport with the beautiful, mountainous country of Nepal as their destination. In addition to Pastor Todd Ohlmann, the mission team is made up of Chad Seybt, Natalie Schreyer, Ryan Augustin, Emily Hulke, Melanie Halstein, Randy Wittorp,

Domestic Mission congregation series: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Domestic Mission congregation series Berea Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. For just about 11 years now the members of Berea, Sioux Falls, have maintained a ministry which is currently called “Friends on Fridays.” This ministry involves serving people in the Sioux Falls community who receive services from an organization called South Dakota Achieve. The

July 2011

CLC Mission Helpers: Chad Sebyt, Naomi Bernthal, Randy Wittorp, Carl Reim, Ryan Augustin, Melanie Hallstien, Natalie Schreyer, Becky Sippert,  Emily Hulke, and Pastor Todd Ohlmann spent three and half weeks in Nepal traveling with Raju and Rajan Bhitrakoti as they carried out child evangelism in eleven current or prospective congregations of the HCLC-Nepal. Nearly 1500

Nehemiah – Profile of a Leader

Learning to be leaders through Nehemiah's example.

Paul speaks the word at Athens

What was Paul's message? Where did he preach it? To whom did he preach it? Why?


We shall study the judgment of God from several aspects as Zephaniah presents it.

Fruits of Righteousness

In the epistle to the Philippians we look at four fruits of righteousness. These are to show in our lives as ripening fruit is clearly seen among the foliage of a tree.

God’s Grace and Guidance

This study points out what we have learned as our church body has gone into all the world. It is good to review what God has done through us.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School in Emmaus Milimani, Kenya

In 2009, Holy Cross Lutheran Church of Phoenix, AZ, began a Gospel partnership with a group of Christians in Emmaus Milimani (near Moi’s Bridge), Kenya. During a visit to the United States in May, Anna Sagala of Kenya attended worship services at Holy Cross with her family. Anna expressed her delight in having found “a

Domestic Mission congregation series: Tacoma, Washington

Domestic Mission congregation series: Ascension Lutheran Church, Tacoma, Washington Ascension Lutheran Church worships in a graceful little chapel located just east of Tacoma, Washington. Three miles from the Tacoma Dome and almost within sight of beautiful Puget Sound, this group of 46 believers serves as a beacon of light in a notoriously un-Christian environment. Only

Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School Emmaus Milimani

Report for Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School Emmaus Milimani Near Moi’s Bridge, Kenya School – The  Emmaus  Hill School is in its third year of operation.  The School year runs from January through November with the months of April and August recessed.  This school has been a welcome addition to the community due to


Once Missionary Matthew Ude was visiting a village of rat catchers. These men earn a living by catching rats from the fields for the farmers. They are so poor they often have no recourse but to eat the rats they catch. They were poorly educated and could not read, and yet they clung to their

Church Buildings

Many of the villages where our pastors preach lack buildings for worship. Even the simplest mud huts with a thatch roof are sometimes beyond the means of the pastors and congregations. Often we attempt to help congregations by providing a roof once they have built the walls. It costs us about $500 a roof. Further we provide assistance when


Many of our pastors have little or no access to support themselves and their families. Often the congregations are too poor to give adequate support for the pastors as well. We attempt to help our pastors with small mini loans, they can use to start various businesses.  Some have bought goats, cows or sheep. Some


Many of our pastors do not have access to vehicles nor the financial means to make regular use of public transportations. The bicycles which we provide these men through the MDF provides an invaluable resources enabling these men a faster means of visiting members as well as traveling to neighboring villages for evangelical outreach. Your donation can provide


B.A.S.I.C. NEWSLETTER # 190,Easter I Cor.. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’ April 14, 2011 HOLY WEEK PROPHECIES FULFILLED-John 12-19 John   19:1-3                                      Isaiah   53:5 19:9                                                       53:7 19:18                                                     53:12 19:24                                       Psalms 22:18 19:28-30                                                69:21 19:33-36                                                34:20 19:37                                       Zech.    

Africa Calling – Station Zambia

In January Teacher Ibrahim Karioki of the CLCEA sent out news that he was going to Zambia to try to establish the church there. In a February report he wrote: “I thank God because I had a good trip from Kilimanjaro-Tanzania to Lusaka Zambia. I departed my home place to Zambia on 21/02/2011 and I

The Spiritual over the Material

Recently, with several district chairmen in the BELC we have been working on a survey of our church buildings. When I arrived at Indira Nagar church building, there was an old woman with grey hair sitting under the portico. I thought well maybe she wants a little money, but she did not hold out her

Donate Materials

Many of our overseas brothers could benefit from a wide range of materials, including books and computers for pastors, clothing for members.  Please got to the sign up form to let us know what you would like to donate.

Unit concept

We in the CLC and our sister churches hold to what has been called the 'unit concept' of fellowship. This is simply the teaching of Scripture that to have religious fellowship we must agree on God's Word and not just on a part of it.


TCLC Arusha (Sept.-Oct. 2011) – Missionary Michael Gurath, Russ Schmitt and Missionary Mayhew visited several Masai congregations west of Arusha, and spent 5 days teaching in the Arusha seminary. They also attended church at Pastor Jeremiah’s congregation in Usa River. Enrollment in the seminary is now up to 11. TCLC Moshi (Sept.-Oct. 2011) – Missionary

TVBS Goes International

The TVBS mission effort hopes to go beyond the borders of the U.S. this summer. Trips this summer, beside some of our regular trips to Texas, Atlanta, and Wisconsin, include a trip to Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. This trip poses a unique problem in that participants will need passports or passcards to enter and return

Report from BELC in India

Joint District Meeting Pastor D. Paul, the head of the BELC who recently turned 46, decided to try having a joint Koppedu – Uthukottai District meeting at a marriage hall in Nagalapuram. There were 58 present. With the addition of Martin Luther Bible School graduates to Koppedu, this makes the group too large to meet

Domestic Mission congregation series: Mapleton, North Dakota

Domestic Mission congregation series Gift of God Lutheran Church, Mapleton, North Dakota Here is an update from the worst weather place in the United States. Fargo, ND can now claim that title following a survey. Gift of God organized as a preaching station in the fall of 1991. It was organized as an extension

How to Use Download Manager

1 . Download and install Free Download Manager from 2. Drag the title of the download (image 1 ) to the download icon ( image 2 ) in the lower right hand corner of your screen. 3. In the “save as” box type in a name for the file you are downloading but make


The Bible teaching on election is a paradox, beyond our understanding that we must grasp by faith in the Word. In this study we will be considering how God in eternity decided to save us, the elect.


Land was purchased with help from the CLC on which to begin to build a church and other buildings. Pastor Kham was able to attend the Joint Asian English Pastoral Conf. in Chennai, India Oct. 13-14 representing the CLCM. Pastor Koenig in the country for two weeks and able to conduct a four day seminar


While Pastor Koenig was able to visit Denis in August of 2010, there was still no progress in outreach. And then going into early 2011 a rupture occured due to Denis’ good name being called into question. We know of the high standards God lays down for preachers of His Word in the pastoral epistles. We

Words of the Wise – God Rules

In this study we look to the words of the wise in Proverbs. These collected sayings were to be words to live by. Their inclusion in the book is even evidence that they were being used, and therefore could be used in any age. They are practical for us in our distress.

Myanmar Visit 2009 Video

BELC Graduation Report

Eighteen men graduated from the Martin Luther Bible School in Nagalapuram, India. After two years of studying with men like D. Paul, Ashirvadham, Sampath, and Rajamani, eighteen new pastors were dedicated and sent out for the Lord’s work in India on February 28, 2011. Two years may seem like too short of a time to

Domestic Mission congregation series: Madison Heights (Detroit), Michigan

Domestic Mission congregation series Mt. Zion Ev. Lutheran Church, Madison Heights (Detroit), Michigan When the Apostle Paul, in the course of his missionary travels, came to a new community, it was his practice to go first to the Jewish synagogue. There, as the “new teacher in town,” he was usually given the opportunity to address

Doctrinal Teachings

Doctrinal Teachings, chapters 12 - 14 :
12 - Kha Siangtho Tuiphumna
13 - Khazi To khatbek na nei hi
14 - Banghangin Nekkhop ankuang kikhak hiam?
Etkak Laibute

Doctrinal Teachings

Doctrinal Teachings, chapters 1-6
1 - Lutheran icih bang ahi hiam?
2 - Biakinn pai ding Lai siangtho in bangci gen hiam?
3 - Eima hunah athuak khatte/Kammal sungah hangsanna
4 - Pawlpi sungah Numeite dinmun ( or ) panmun 5 - Kha thu ah ze-et
6 - Kilawmtatna/kipawlkhopna

Doctrinal Teachings

Doctrinal Teachings, chapters 7 - 11
7 - Sianthosakna
8 - Thukham leh lungdamnathu
9 - Tuiphumna
10 - Kilawmtatna/kipawlkhopna
11 - Kipawlkhopna/Nekkhopna

John Rohrbach Visits CLCI

And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.  Matthew 10:42 In Christ dearly beloved, Cordial greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus

Burmese Essays



Law And Gospel

What Is A Lutheran?



In four districts: 2332 souls served by 14 pastors and 19 evangelists. Kajaido Dist. has 16 parishes with 1579 souls.

Domestic Mission congregation series: Atlanta, GA

Domestic Mission congregation series Zion Ev. Lutheran Church, Lawrenceville (Atlanta), Georgia Zion Ev. Lutheran Church is located in the Atlanta metropolitan area, about 20 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. Since its beginning as a preaching station over 20 years ago, it has slowly grown into a small congregation. Zion has 54 members, but almost one-third

Return Trip to India

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Gal.6:10 On Dec. 14, 2010, John Rohrbach of Los Angeles, CA made a return visit to India for three weeks in order to help the brethren in the CLCI. It was John who made

History of Ghana

GHANA March 2002 Since it appears that Gideon is located for the time being in Denu, Ghana (across the border from Togo), our work is now in Ghana also. During this visit the studies continued and there was discussion on outreach. Pastor Gideon holds services at the humble school with attendance at about 15. He

East Africa Visitation Trip 2010

Visitation Report: “All things work together for good, for those who love God.” Because of Missionary Mayhew’s Aug/Sept visit to East Africa, instead of the normal November visit, the Lord led me to Africa again, so we, the CLC, could have person to person contact twice this year. It was especially needed with the trouble

Domestic Mission congregation series: Vernon, British Columbia

Now the Work of Christmas Begins It is the week after Christmas as I am writing this article. While the message of the angel is still ringing in our ears and giving joy to our heart, I am reminded of the song by Howard Thurman, “Now the work of Christmas begins.” It says, “When the

News Bulletins


Efik Essays

Efik Sunday School

A book of Sunday School lessons, activities, and coloring sheets all translated into the Efik language.


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Teachings This page contains links to 14 essays which discuss the basic biblical doctrines, especially those which are most widely debated within christian circles. Some of these essays are available in different language. Check the language essay pages.   Here you will find a far more extensive list of essays discussing a wide variety of




2530(1559 adults and 971 children) souls served in 15 congregations served by 15 pastors.


5630 souls, 56 congregations, 12 church workers which includes 9 pastors and 2 evangelists.



TCLC – Arusha (Aug.-Sept. 2010) – At the CLC East African Pastoral Conference in Kisii, Kenya a reorganization took place which divided our churches into three districts. One district was the TCLC – Arusha under the leadership of Pastor Jeremiah Issangya. Mission Board Chairman Todd Ohlmann, Russ Schmitt, Stephen Mayhew, Pastor Michael Gurath and Missionary

Aug 2010

Pastor Ude visits Togo for a week. He continues work with the new men that Kossi is training to help him with the Lord’s work there in Togo. Together they spend a week beginning study in Wedland’s “Go and Teach”.

2010 – August

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew (part-time visiting missionary to East Africa), Pastor Todd Ohlmann (CLC Bd of Missions Chairman), and Mr. Martin Essien (of the Nigeria-CLC) spent 12 days the Lubumbashi, Congo area to visit the leaders and pastors of the ELCC and CCLC with prayer for lasting reconciliation so that the work of spreading the truth

June 2010

The CLC Convention voted to accept the HCLC-Nepal into fellowship. Pastor Raju and Pastor Ohlmann continue email correspondence courses as they study through “Go and Teach.”

Victor’s Crusade

Pastor Victor of the BELC with a group of his pastors recently went through over 30 villages handing out tracts. This effort of going door to door was carried out in a ten day period. As you can see from the pictures, people reacted favorably to receive the tracts. See More . . .

A Study of Revelation – Part 2

Lutheran Agenda

Liturgy and other useful information for the church service in the Teddim Chin language. NOTE: THIS FILE IS MEANT TO BE PRINTED, THE PAGES ARE SET UP SO THAT YOU MAY PRINT THEM BACK TO BACK ONE AFTER ANOTHER. It would be difficult to read through it as is.


The CLC-USA at their Jubilee Convention in June declared fellowship with the CLCM. Our prayers are for a growing relationship to work together to spread the Word. Pastor Koenig was present in the country for two weeks in November. A four day seminar was held in Kalay with over 80 participating. All congregations were represented.


30,404 souls served by 508 pastors in 16 districts,18 men in Martin Luther Bible School

March 2010

Pastor Raju and Pastor Ohlmann completed a Christian Doctrine correspondence course (via email) spanning several months using study sheets, the Scriptures, Luther’s Small Catechism, “My Church and Others”, and “A Summary of Christian Doctrine. The answers that Pastor Raju provided were forwarded to the CLC Board of Doctrine for review as they consider the request for fellowship

Liturgia Ya Kanisa

CLCI India Flood Relief 2009

[altpwa user= thohlmann album=IndiaFlood_CLCI_2009]

Christology of the Old Testament

A short chronicle of major christological previews.


Click on a colored country for pictures and videos.

The Will of God

A discussion on knowing, finding, doing, and rejoicing in God's will.

Dec 2009

Pastor Ude, Pastor Gideon from Ghana, Pastor Eric and Michael from Lagos, and member Martin Essien journey to Togo for open pastoral conference. The week leading up to Sunday was spent in open air evangelism meetings right outside the walls of the church where Kossi meets with his main congregation. At its height I would

India Floods, Oct. 30 Update

Dear CLC Members, The latest report from Pastor Jyothi Benjamin of the CLCI, regarding the tragic loss of life and property from recent floods, is below. Please see the link to the photos he sent, at the bottom of the page. The Board of Missions has sent an initial $5,000 to the CLCI, to begin our assistance. We are estimating that there will be an urgent need, to help with even basic necessities, in excess of $20,000.

Vast Flooding in Andhra Pradesh, India

Dear CLC Members — Recent severe flooding in India has caused untold hardship for millions of people. It has happened in Andhra Pradesh State, where our fellow believers of the CLCI live. As Pastor Jyothi Benjamin reports below, there are 3 known deaths among CLCI members due to the flooding. 12 congregations and 36 preaching

Joint Asia India Conference 2009

Pastor Jyothi Benjamin reports on the recent Pastoral Conference in Nellore, India, involving representatives of the BELC and CLCI (India), UMLC (Myanmar), and HCLCN (Nepal). Includes photo gallery from this blessed event.

2009 August

During a visitation by Pastor Koenig serious difficulties were being dealt with that caused the situation in the ELCC to be one of great concern for prayer. A division over administration practices has caused several pastors and their congregations to form a different church. The majority of the ELCC and this smaller group over a


God’s Word is our Great Heritage

A short discussion of foreign mission activity

CLCI Vacation Bible School 2008


The 2009 seminary graduation day was a very festive and special occasion in the CLCI. By the wonderful grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the climax has come for the 11th batch of graduates from the CLCI seminary. We call these ceremonies as “commencement exercises,” because Graduation is not the end; it’s the

Shadows and Substance

Nigeria / Tanzania

Tanzania / Kenya

India – BELC

India – CLCI



LCEA (April-Sept. 2009) – It was discovered that Pastor Angowi had entered into fellowship discussions with another Lutheran church body. Correspondence was carried out with Pastor Angowi by Missionary Mayhew and the CLC Mission Board to try to resolve the situation. LCEA (Oct.-Nov. 2009) – During his yearly visitation Missionary Mayhew seeks to meet with


The church has formally changed its name to the CLCM. A formal letter of application for fellowship with the CLC has been forwarded to the President. Possible questions on teachings were answered very satisfactority during a visitation by M. Bohde and D. Koenig in November. A three day seminar was held attended by 66 registered


Denis was visited by Pastor Koenig in August. Denis had found another man who he was taking through our teachings that they might together reach out. He was also taking university courses that would allow him to set up and maintain a website through which he hoped to reach out. After discussions with government officials


PDF Documents [download_cat#11]

Kanisa Langu na Makanisa Mengine

My Church and Others



Why Close Communion?

Why Close Communion




You Have One Master The Christ




A Theology of the Spirit


Fellowship - Briefly


Victim of our Times or Stalwart in the Faith

What Does The Bible Say About Going To Church?

What Does The Bible Say About Going To Church?


The Position of Women in the Church


Law and Gospel

Ushirika Kiufupi

Fellowship, briefly put

Why Close Communion?

Why Close Communion?

What does the Bible say about going to Church?

What does the Bible say about going to Church?

Table 08 – Rulers of Judah

Table 03 – Hebrew Calendar

Table 02 – Shem to Abraham

Table 01 – Adam to Noah

Test the Spirits

Map 03 – Journeys of Moses


Law and Gospel


Why Close Communion?


What is a Lutheran?

Victims of our Times?


My Church and Others

Survey of Biblical Prophecy

My church and Others

My Church and Others

Test The Spirits



Law and Gospel


Why Close Communion?


Victims of our Times?

What is a Lutheran?


Ensemo Y’Eritang’ani

My Church and Others


Why Close Communion?



My Church and Others

My Church and Others

Search Results

2009 Nepal Visit Journal

An account of Pastor Todd Ohlmann’s and Missionary Matthew Ude’s recent trip to Nepal.

CLCI Vacation Bible School 2008

God is good! We are thankful to report that we had a fantastic week of VBS. God blessed the VBS-08 with more than two thousand children, and many children received Christ. When this vast number of children was given  . . .

What is New!

We Believe We believe that Christ on the cross paid for each and every sin of each and every person on earth. We believe that therefore whoever has trust in this promise of God receives the benefits of that act, namely eternal salvation. We believe that the Bible is the pure and perfect word of

Nepali Essays

A Study of Revelation – Part 1

Burma 2008

A video with pictures and music from Dave’s visit to Myanmar in 2008.

2009 Work

Feb. 2009 CLCI Evangelism Effort Pastor Ude worked in the CLCI previously in a trip with the CLCI team in an evangelism effort. Now it was my turn. In our meeting with the CLCI leaders previously we arranged how long to be up there. More Bibles that I brought, as well as New Testaments and

February 2009

Pastor Raju reports that the translation of two booklets titled What the Bible and Lutherans Teach and My Church and Others has been completed and are now waited to be printed. Funding from the CLC-MDF has been approved for the printing of 1000 copies of each booklet at a cost of $650. These booklets will first be distributed to


B.A.S.I.C Newsletter #136 I Cor. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’ January 10, 2009 In January Pastor and Mrs. Koenig will be going back to India. We thank the Lord that the President and Secretary of the UMELC will be able to come to

2008 Christmas Greetings

2008 Christmas Greetings from India

2008 Visit to Myanmar

2008 Visitation to Myanmar, Report and Photos

2008 East Africa VisitationTrip Journals

2008 East Africa VisitationTrip Journals

Report to Coordinating Council October, 2008

The Latest News and Plans for Our Stateside and Overseas Missions

Nepal 08 Report

January 2009

Pastors Matt Ude and Todd Ohlmann arrived on January 19th and traveled to the Chitiwan area and conducted three days of pastoral training with the original nine pastors of the HCLC-Nepal. There were also 14 independent pastors in attendance who are interested in learning more about Lutheran doctrine. Since there were these new men in

CLC East Africa Visitation, 2008

CLC East Africa Visitation, 2008 October, 2008 — The Children of the AIDS Orphan School, Etago, Kenya During October and November of 2008, a team of three CLC men visited our sister churches in Kenya and Tanzania. These included our regular visiting missionary to East Africa, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew; Pastor Bruce Naumann, CLC Mission Board


Jan. – Pastors Ude and Koenig visited the field. Pastor Kossi is training three new men and we pray these will be faithful and carry through. There are two congregations totaling 115 members and they are trying to open more stations. Dec – Pastor Ude visits Togo with Pastor Gideon from Ghana. Pastor Kossi is


LCEA (Oct.-Nov. 2008) – A visitation was made in October and November by Mission Board Chairman Bruce Naumann, Russ Schmitt and Missionary Mayhew. Pastor Naumann and Missionary Mayhew spent 6 days teaching in the seminary and participated in the Graduation of the first class from St. Peter’s Seminary in Himo. Eight men were graduated from

Teddim Chin Essays

Myanmar 08 Visit

Myanmar 08 Visit CLC Visitation Team with UMELC Chairman Thang (left), Mrs. Khen, and Secretary Kham Between October 20 and November 8, a CLC visitaition team met with the leaders and pastors of the “Upper Myanmar Ev. Lutheran Church” in the country of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Upper Myanmar Evangelical Lutheran Church (UMELC) was founded by

RCC Oct 08

CLC Board of Missions Report to the Coordinating Council, October 1-2, 2008 Erik Weihenmayer has been blind since age thirteen. In 2001 he became the first, and thus far only, blind person to reach the highest peak in the world when he climbed to the top of Mt. Everest in Nepal. One year later, when

October 2008

A visitation was carried out to the UMELC by Mission Board member Larry Hansen, Mark Bohde(missionary in Thailand) and David Koenig. A two day seminar was held with attendance at 70-80. The executive committee of fifteen men was met with as well as having disussions with individuals. It would appear that we are in agreement

2008 Work

Hello All — The following comes from Missionary David Koenig, who is serving as the CLC on-site missionary in India. Our CLC mission program is supported primarily from local “mission” offerings to the CLC General Fund, as well as through your congregational contributions to the Mission Development Fund (MDF). — Pastor Bruce Naumann, Mission Board Chairman



September 2008

Pastor Raju completed the translation, publishing, and printing of 1,000 copies of the Shadows and Substance study workbook. The CLC Board of Missions approved monthly subsidy for training the nine pastors of the HCLCN to teach their congregations the lessons of Shadows and Substance.

September 2008

Pastor Koenig visited him and they discussed his effort and prayed over it. After gathering a group in worship Denis will try to register the church with the government.

2008 September

Pastor Koenig visited the ELCC in Lubumbashi. Discussions were held with: Pastor Muzakuza, translation comm., catechists, pastors. It is hoped that a loan program can be started for pastors this year.


I Cor. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’ August 29, 2008 Catechetical Instruction – part 1 of 2 Biblical instruction as a foundation for church membership dates back to the very beginning of the Christian church. In the early days of the church this


Pastor Matthew Ude — matthew [dot] ude [at] lutheranmissions [dot] org 507 Grover Rd., Eau Claire, WI 54701, USA, (715) 955-4642 cell in the US (715) 450-2257 Pastor Todd Ohlmann CLC Board of Missions Chairman — thohlmann [at] gmail [dot] com — Cell: (314) 517-0177   Faith Lutheran Church of West St. Louis County 1183 Big


I Cor. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’ August 13, 2008 The Athanasian Creed Part 2 (2 of 2 parts) by Pastor Nathanael Mayhew In our last study we considered the history of the Athanasian Creed. Now we will study the Creed itself and


Make Disciples of All Nations Our Lord has had recorded for us the direction of His church. Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:47, John 20:21 and Acts 1:8 are passages from our Lord when He walked on earth directing us to reach out. The material on this website reminds us in the Church of the


B.A.S.I.C. Newsletter #125 I Cor. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’ July 28, 2008 Gone to be with the Lord In the NCLC, Nigeria this last week retired pastor Eakin Etuk went to be with the Lord. He attended the Bible Institute and graduated from

Law and Gospel








Statistics Last Updated April 2012





B.A.S.I.C. NEWSLETTER # 124 I Cor. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’ July 17, 2008 We rejoice to report the following that Pastor Todd Ohlmann reported to the CLC Convention in June 2008. ABOUT NEPAL While the Good News of Jesus Christ has made


B.A.S.I.C. NEWSLETTER # 123 I Cor. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’ July 3, 2008 Bible Challenges-continued Quiz Book by F.H.Moehlmann Quiz: Recipients Of Jesus’ Praise (The answers are below) l. Jesus praised him for having faith without equal in Israel 2.Jesus praised this

Telugu Essays

Tamil Essays

Swahili (Congo) Essays

Kisii Essays

Hindi Essays

Francais Essays


B.A.S.I.C. NEWSLETTER # 122 I Cor. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’ June 23, 2008 Bible Challenges-continued Quiz Book by F.H.Moehlmann Quiz: Name the Prisoner(The answers are below) 1. This prisoner was placed in charge of all other prisoners. 2. He called himself a

India/Nepal Visitation, May 2008

Pastor Todd Ohlmann is a member of the CLC Board of Missions, and a part-time foreign missionary to India. He departed on May 12 for a three-week visitation to India and Nepal. He will be working and traveling with CLC Missionary Matthew Ude. Pastor Ohlmann will be posting regular updates on this trip at travel


Extensive correspondence was carried on by the Secretary of the Mission Board, Pastor Ohlmann with the Upper Myanmar Evangelical Lutheran Church beginning in February and carrying on into the Spring. It was proposed to have a visitation by CLC representatives to the UMELC. This was approved at a June meeting of the Mission Board.


B.A.S.I.C. NEWSLETTER # 121 I Cor. 16:9 “For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” May 30, 2008 Pastor Nathanael Mayhew Beginning this year Pastor Mayhew will replace Pastor Koenig in the visitations to East Africa. I was glad to be able to work with our brethren

May 2008

With the approval of the CLC Mission Board, Pastor Ohlmann began looking into the possibility of combining a trip to Kathmandu with his already scheduled trip to India in May and June of 2008. It was also decided to ask Missionary Matt Ude to accompany him to Nepal. With the trip approved and scheduled, correspondence


Correspondence had been carried on between Pastor Denis Mulumba of the ELCC and Pastor Koenig. Encouragement was given to Pastor Denis to do outreach work beyond the Democratic Republic of Congo. He decided to try in Johannesburg, SA. He, his wife and baby are now located in Joburg with the attempt to gather French speaking

Oct.-Nov. 2007

ECLC-Etago A visitation was carried out in Oct.-Nov. by Larry Hansen, Loren, Hansen, Russ Schmitt and the missionary. There was work on school building and with orphans. The first two day seminar for leaders was held Nov. 9-10. One station was closed. There are 332 adults and 275 children totalling 607 souls served by 2

2007 Work

Hello All — The following comes from Missionary David Koenig, who is serving as the CLC on-site missionary in India. Our CLC mission program is supported primarily from local “mission” offerings to the CLC General Fund, as well as through your congregational contributions to the Mission Development Fund (MDF). — Pastor Bruce Naumann, Mission Board Chairman

September 2007

Pastor Raju Bhitrokoti, with his father’s blessing and advice, began searching the internet for Lutheran organizations that would be willing to offer pastoral training in Nepal. He “stumbled” upon the websites of a few CLC congregations. In reading and searching these sites he read reports concerning the CLC efforts to assist the CLCI and BELC


LCEA A visitation was carried out in Nov. by Larry Hansen, Loren Hansen, Russ Schmitt, Pastor Mayhew and the missionary visiting, preaching teaching and helping to organize self-help projects. Pastoral conference was held Nov. 5th. Between Mayhew and Koenig several days were taught at the seminary. CLCEA A visitation was carried out in Oct.-Nov. by


Due to time factors Pastor Kossi was invited to travel to Accra to meet with the missionary on the church’s work for two days. During this year more visiting between the NCLC and the EELCT has taken place building up the fellowship relationship.


A visitation was held of missionary and Martin Essien from the NCLC in Nov. Plans were made for next year on: self-help, training, catechist teaching and translation work. While the statistics reflect a growth, there has to be taken into account that many are not in confessional fellowship yet. The base is 40 pastors and


Dec. – Missionary and Pastor Kossi could only confer for two days. A new pastor and congregation are requesting to join.

October 2006

ECLC-Etago Oct.24-25th the Second Annual Pastoral Conference was held at Kisii with Etago hosting. Missionary was in the field in October. The second classroom was built and money was issued for a third classroom for the 81student, 4 teacher aids orphan school. Statistics – Etago has six congregations with 856 souls served by two pastors

2006 Work

Hello All — The following comes from Missionary David Koenig, who is serving as the CLC on-site missionary in India. Our CLC mission program is supported primarily from local “mission” offerings to the CLC General Fund, as well as through your congregational contributions to the Mission Development Fund (MDF). — Pastor Bruce Naumann, Mission Board


CLCEA Missionary present in November for visitation. New work was started at two Masai stations in April and May. Members attended the pastoral conference at Kisii Oct. 24-25th.

April 2006

CLCK-Nairobi April 2006 saw the church registered with the Kenyan government. During this year Kenuchi congregation receiving roofing.


From Nov. 15th to Dec. 9th Pastor David Povolny was in the DRC beginning his work to replace Pastor Koenig who was only present for one week. Pastor Povolny carried out teaching, preaching and advising as the new man under the limited call from the Mission Board for Congo

November 6-16. 2005

Mission Board members B. Naumann and L. Hansen with missionary held meetings with pastors, catechists, translation committee and leaders as well as visiting several congregations.

2005 October

Registration to be complete in December – Assessed Masai work – Etago orphan school continues and will have second classroom – Seeking unity among Kenyan groups. October 10-12, 2005 Pastors Jeremiah, Alex and Koenig and Charles met with pastors and congregation of the Nairobi wing of CLCK. All pastors have to take tests.. October 13-16,

2005 Summaries

Bible Distribution – We distributed 576 Telugu and Tamil Bibles in our sister churches of the CLCI and BELC. The lower number of Bibles distributed this year is reflected by the higher costs in catechism distribution for this year. Beyond this we gave a few Bibles in other areas.

2005 Mission Trip

Hello All — The following comes from Missionary David Koenig, who has recently begun his annual “circuit” trave to our mission contacts in India and Africa.  Our CLC mission program is supported primarily from local “mission” offerings to the CLC General Fund, as well as through your congregational contributions to the Mission Development Fund (MDF).


Registration to be finished in January 2006 – Land purchased and services started at Segbe – New man, Jerome, joining as pastor. Missionary in the field in June and November.


Seven roofing projects helped – Translation work progresses well – Increased numbers require tests of all pastors – French materials being made available as well as Swahili – Church Registration and Farming Project fail to prove workable.

2004 India Trip

Missionary Journal #1 – India – Aug. 25, 2004 I have had two meetings with the four leaders in the four districts of the BELC around Chennai.  We work in close cohesiveness, with no westerner imposing his notions.  As brothers we sit down and consider His work here and pray.

2004 Summaries

Each year these summaries of our work in various areas are sent to the CLC Mission Board to allow us to get an overview of the year’s work with our overseas brethren.


LCEA and CLCEA Problems between two sections of our sister church resulted in another group being registered due to not being able to work together. With the missionary on the field in December, meetings and discussion were held toward a God-pleasing resolution. The LCEA has started serious work at Tanga and Dar es Salam. The


April saw the missionary on the field. Registration with the government was started. An anticipated outreach with TV and videos is to be started. The congregation has 35 members in Lome, Togo with attendance of 25.


ECLC – Problems arose over financial matters in our sister church and were being dealt with by the elders when the missionary arrived in December 2004. Samson is no longer pastor, having been replaced by Enosh. The attendance of two men to the Himo, Tanzania Seminary has been dropped for now. The orphan school continues


This year marked the first assistance from the CLC to seven churches for roofing. The missionary was on the field in November. We continue supplying Pastor Muzakuza financing and teaching materials to teach his pastors. Their translation committee finished the Swahili catechism for printing. There are 1990 members served by 24 pastors and 18 assistants.


June 2003 Pastor Karl Stewart visited with Kossi and his people and worked with them in Lome. November 2003 Pastor and Mrs. Koenig visited with Kossi. A loan of $500 was made to Kossi to plant sugarcane to support family and perhaps shift from teaching into full-time ministry.

November 22-27, 2003

The first visit by the missionary to Katanga Province was carried out with the visiting of congregations. Meetings were also held with ELCC women, a translation committee and catechists. The meeting with ELCC pastors of south Katanga was to try to orientate them to us and our help for them.

November 2003

The missionary visited, preaching and teaching in varioius settings. The Masai work continues being supported by the CLC especially in the Arusha area. Three new stations have been started: Mwakitau, Msitu wa Tembo, and Njoro.

November 2003

The missionary visited Etago, teaching and preaching. There was a lot of discussion on if and how the CLC through Kinship would support the school. The plans were finalized for Samson and Enosh to go to the Himo Seminary in Tanzania starting next January. A sister congregation was started at Kenuchi of 25 members in

May 2003

The Seminary was started with nine students this first year, taught by five pastors with varying teaching loads. It was hoped that the subject matter could be caught up with as the normal school year starts in January. As it now stands, it is a three year seminary.

January-February 2003

Loren and Larry Hansen, Russ Schmitt and Josh Stelter worked on remodeling the building at Himo, Tanzania to be used as St. Peter’s Seminary. With the help of members there, they carried out extensive work: electrical, plumbing, carpentry. Furniture was also supplied for the furnishing of the seminary. The $27,000 for the purchase of the

January 2003

The Aids Orphan Nursery or Pre-School was opened with 80 children, approximately 30 boys and 50 girls taught by two trained ladies of the congregation.

December 15, 2002

With financial assistance from the CLC, the ECLC registered the orphan school with the government.


March 2002 Studies continued with the missionary’s visit. At this time Kossi told how he saw that the Baptist church was not correct in baptism and commuion as he had seen in our catechism references. He said he had not been baptized and would like to be. On April 3rd the missionary baptized him at

November 14-16, 2002

The first meeting of representatives of the Etago CLC, LCEA and ELCC were held in Uchira, Tanzania, hosted by the LCEA to enjoy fellowhip, discuss the starting of the seminary, and to study God’s Word.

November 14-16, 2002

The first meeting of representatives of the Etago CLC, LCEA and ELCC was held at Uchira, Tanzania, to enjoy fellowship, discuss the starting of the seminary, and to study God’s Word. Pastors Muzakuza and Mbayo attended.

November 2002

November 14-16, 2002 The first meeting of representatives of the Etago CLC, LCEA and ELCC was held in Uchira, Tanzania, hosted by the LCEA to enjoy fellowship, discuss the starting of the seminary, and to study God’s Word.

October 23, 2002

The missionary and mission volunteer, Tim Schreyer, met with Pastor Samson and Enosh in Nairobi to discuss the work in Etago, and especially the desire of the ECLC to open an orphan school. Plans were discussed to have these two men to in alternative months to Himo to the seminary.

October 2002

October 24-28, 2002 The missionary and Mission Helper, Tim Schreyer, met with Pastor Angowi and others to work on the beginning of the new seminary at Himo. It is prayed that the school might start early in 2003. The missionary and Tim Schreyer assessed needs at Himo. October 27, 2002 The first seminar was held

October 2002

A visitation was finally carried out in south Katanga centered in Lubumbashi, by the missionary.  This being the first visit to the area where the bulk of the ELCC congregations are, there was much to be reported.  The church’s head, Pastor Muzakuza, with aid from the CLC, is working to train his pastors through visits,

June 2002

The CLC in convention declared itself to be in fellowship with the LCEA based on doctrinal discussions between the missionary and the officers of the LCEA after the LCEA appealed for fellowship to the CLC President.

June 2002

The CLC in convention declared itself in fellowship with the ELCC, based on doctrinal discussions between the missionary and the ELCC President and lengthy correspondence.  The ELCC appealed for a fellowship relationship with the CLC to the CLC President.

May 2002

Seven congregations were visited with three baptisms by the missionary. Discussions on doctrine and practice were held reinforcing what was discussed last time. They continue to desire fellowship with the CLC. They are doing work among the Masai tribe in the Rift Valley. The Muslims are also out there contending for men’s souls. Only 10%

May 2002

In the ELCC there are 27 pastors serving 1063 souls divided into three districts.  It was not possible to go easily to the unstable countryside, so the discussions were held again in Kinahasa with Pastor Muzakuza and his two preachers in Kinshasa.  The desire of a declaration of fellowship was sent by letter to the

April 2002

Visitation by the missionary with two babies baptized and a funeral for a new member of six months was carried out. Money was given by the MB for the roof of the 65×20 church to be built by the members at their expense. The choir had produced a cassette of their music and sold 100

January 2002

A proposed doctrinal meeting with the LCEA with representatives from the CLC-USA was cancelled by the CLC. In a letter from the CLC President the LCEA was told “We apologize to you that we cannot come. A number of things have happened that indicate to us that now is not the time…Rev. Koenig will be

January 2002

The planned visitation from the USA was cancelled.

January 2002

A planned doctrinal visitation from the USA was cancelled.  Membership was 980 souls in 26 congregations reported by Pastor Muzakuza.  In 1999 it had been 394 in 10 congregations and in 2001 it was 589 souls in 18 congregations.


April 2001 – Kossi This was a visit to contact a new prospect, Kossi, who Mike had found. We missed each other and did not meet. Kossi indicated he was still interested and was sent literature by mail. September 2001 – Kossi Study began with Kossi, who is a school teacher and a member of

May 2001

Doctrinal discussions were held on a variety of subjects between Pastors Koenig and Muzakuza.  There appeared to be no doctrinal differences.  Previously, questionaires and specific doctrinal statements had been sent with no disagreement evident.  The delay in any face-to-face meeting was due to the war raging in the Congo.  French catechisms have been sent and

April 2001

The missionary visited and taught and preached at the Etago CLC. They are under the supervision of the missionary, and as such in fellowship. During this visit more Bibles and other books were purchased for the people. At a service with an attendance of 70, of these 40 were baptized by the missionary. Catechisms have

June 18, 2000

The first service was held by the new congregation of 32 adults and 24 children. They set up a board of elders and a pastor, Samson, who had been 7th Day Adventist.

April-May 2000

A several day meeting was held in Nairobi between Pastor Koenig and four pastors of the LCEA: Angowi, Issangya, Ukotu, and Massawe. Fourteen pamphlets and leaflets explaining our doctrinal position on a variety of subjects were presented by Pastor Koenig. The Tanzanians also presented a doctrinal paper. There was apparent agreement on all topics. They

Initial Contact

On April 4, 2000 Pastor Jesse Angowi sent his inquiry about the CLC to Prof. Pfeiffer at ILC.  Since the missionary was going to Kenya for meetings with the Etago people at the end of April, an email was sent to Pastor Angowi of the Lutheran Church of East Africa inviting him to come to

Initial Contact

In 1999 Elinore Gbedey was returning to the USA from teaching in the country of Benin. She came through Lome, Togo to visit there, since she is married to a Togolese. While in Lome, she came across a Lutheran, Amegan Kwaku Kpello (Mike) and explained our church to him. He seemed to have some interest,

October 13, 1998

As of this date, Pastor Muzakuza’s group called itself the Eglise Lutherienne de Confession du Congo, ELCC, basically us in the Congo.

Initial Contact

Pastor Mutombo Muzakuza was baptized Catholic and joined a confessional Reformed Church in 1978, ordained as a bishop in 1977. He left and sought to form a new church in the Lutheran mold, as suggested by a Methodist bishop. The chairman of the CLC Mission Board corresponded with Pastor Muzakuza in April 1998. The correspondence

April 2000

Based on favorable correspondence, a meeting was held in the village of Etago, Kisii in a pasture with about 125 people. Pastor and Mrs. Koenig visited in the area with the interested individuals before and after this meeting. The meeting went over the main differences between us and the Roman Catholic and 7th Day Adventist

Initial Contact

Some had been looking for a new church in their area of Etago, Kisii to replace the churches they were in, namely the Roman Catholic and the 7th Day Adventist. Inquiries were made among tourists from America who travelled nearby. A non-CLC friend from Michigan, upon being asked, recommended they investigate the CLC. President Fleischer

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