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Volume 14 Issue 5

The Augsburg Confession Article 15 Of Church Usages By Nathanael Mayhew What are church usages? A more understandable title might be “Church Customs and Traditions” which would adequately describe the content of this article. Here the reformers discuss the dangers associated with customs and traditions when they are abused and made necessary for salvation. At

Volume 14 Issue 5


An overview study of the book of Revelation, by Pastor David Koenig.

Volume 12 Issue 8

Kingdom Parables

A brief look at the kingdom parables found in Matthew 13

Spanish Essays

2013 Mission Helper Trip

India is the destination for volunteers in the Mission Helper Program this summer. Thirteen signed on to spread abroad the gospel message of salvation. The mission helpers are: Lucas Brown, Jennifer Grabow, Becky Haddad, Melanie Halstein, Katherine Kazemba, David Lueck, Rebecca McKenny, Nathan Noeldner, Andrew Roehl, Vanessa Ude, Missionary Matthew Ude, and Pastor Todd Ohlmann.

BELC Bible School Graduation

On March 15th the BELC Bible School in Nagalapuram graduated 15 students equipped  with the Word of God to preach and teach in India. The students were greeted with garlands and shawls. Sermonettes were delivered at the graduation service by Rajamani (Eph. 6), D Paul, K. Asiravadam (2 Tim. 3:14-17), Sampath (1 Tim. 1:2), Bhaskar

New Mission Partner

On December 28, 2012, the Lord united Missionary Matthew Ude and Vanessa Meyer as husband and wife at a wedding service performed at Vanessa’s home church of Messiah Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, WI. In the wedding sermon, Matthew’s father Professor John Ude spoke of the couple beginning a lifelong adventure. As Matthew and Vanessa carry

Visitation Trip to Myanmar

Missionary David Koenig made a visitation trip to Myanmar shortly after the first of the year to meet and work with our brethren in the CLCM. He reports that with the blessing of the Lord, travel conditions under the Myanmar government have improved. Southern Chin State is now open to foreigners and tourist visas are

Test the Spirits

The Work of the Apostle Paul


The divine anger is evident to man and so he tries to placate it with his puny efforts. And he tries to bribe the gods to do him favors. What a dismal scene among men this is.

Baptism: What, Who and How

A study of the history, practice, and meaning of the baptism of the Jews, John, Jesus and the early Church.

Meine Kirche Und Die Anderen

Eine Zusammenfassung der Lehrartikel der Evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche, in ihrem Unterschied zu denen anderer Kirchengemeinschaften von John Theodore Mueller

A Light for Revelation to the Gentiles

Devotions on historical world wide missionaries

A Study of Hebrews

The Beatitudes

The Trinity

Of Justification

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