Africa Calling – Station Zambia

In January Teacher Ibrahim Karioki of the CLCEA sent out news that he was going to Zambia to try to establish the church there. In a February report he wrote:

“I thank God because I had a good trip from Kilimanjaro-Tanzania to Lusaka Zambia. I departed my home place to Zambia on 21/02/2011 and I reached Lusaka Zambia on 24/02/2011 this is because I used the road by traveling…

The Lord was faithful in my trip and I hope He will continue to guide me in His work.

When I reached Lusaka I met my friends who were waiting for me, because I informed them about my trip. I thank God for it, because it was my prayer to God that when I will reach this country to have brothers and sisters in Christ who can welcome me and it will be my starting point for planting the CLC congregation in Zambia. And God has answered my prayer.

I want to let you know that now I am in Zambia for the work of the Lord (Full working not part time preacher). You may contact to me through this email address or the cell phone numbers (+260964868370) you can send a short message to me through this number and I will appreciate your prayers.”

In March Ibrahim wrote:

“The aim of this message is to try to let you know more about me since I departed in East Africa Tanzania. Really I have seen the hand of God upon me.

I want to tell you that the work of God has already started here in Zambia. I have introduced the CLC to my friends and they agree to join. On 13/03/2011 I preached for the first time for forming the CLC congregation and we were six people and four kids. The place which we are meeting is the one of the friend who welcomes me, he is a good man and he wants to serve God but he doesn’t know where he can start. Pray for this man (His name is evangelist Peter Mwerwa) .He has promised us to work together and he will assist me to reach many people by the word of God (Matthew 28:19-20)

My daily time table is to have real evangelism (door to door).Sometimes this happen in schools because Zambia is Christian Nation and we are allowed to teach in schools. My target is to make sure the church is growing and people know the truth and the truth shall set them free.

The goodness of Zambia most of people are speaking English.Even though they have other languages but in town they are using English. Please send to me anything about our church then I will print and share with people in Zambia.

Lastly, I request CLC mission to visit us in Zambia even for two days for a seminar. From Lusaka town to the place which I am planning to open the church is almost forty five minutes. Nearest to the main road to Botswana and Zimbabwe…

(Also at Kitwe, Zambia a congregation of 25 is being formed under the CLCC(Congo). We pray Pastor Yumba will be able to send us more news.)