A Taste of India(BELC)

Persecution – Pastor Peter Bhasker of Chittoor Dist. had recently bought land and done digging for a foundation in his village. But radical Hindus said they did not want a Christian church built there. And the local politician(MLA) supported them so that the construction is at a standstill. Pastor had done everything legally, but now we wait on the Lord to advance the building.
In the Vaniyambadi District Pastor Santhosh Sababpathi and his son Pastor Prakasam were not able to attend the recent pastoral monthly studies due to disturbances in the village. The Hindus collect each year money from the villagers for the local village goddess celebration. Our pastors refused to give the money since they were Christian and did not want to support this. It is also a matter of high caste Hindus making demands and low caste or Dalits being ordered to do things. So there were arguments and disagreements that kept them at the village. Pray that God intervenes and overcomes in the interest of His church.

New Men for Studies – Although we are still in the process of setting up the new studies, it appears that we can have over 180 men begin after the district chairmen’s meeting on Oct. 12th. We are busy getting printed matter for these studies. This is going forward due to the CLC Convention’s approval of the increase in the MB budget. Thank you Lord and His people.

The Gospel Banners Forward Go – From the district  chairmen’s reports just a few tidbits. Three orthodox Hindu families are attending Meshack’s church in Kopp. Dist. and are being instructed. Twenty-six are in a baptism instruction class in Nellore with Chairman Moses. In Chittoor District one Gospel meeting had 500 in attendance and another 200. The chairmen Bhaskar and Moses were working together on this.