I Cor.. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.
April 30, 2013
Pastor Nolting Reports on Peru
Daniel Pfeiffer did return to Peru several weeks ago.  He will be teaching Religion and  English to about 60 children in Stella Maris School.  He is working with about 20 adults in instruction  and plans to hold weekly services.   There is concern in our congregation that the people in Lima seem ill-prepared to assume any responsibility for  carrying on the work.  We will attempt to instill that understanding  this year.  Joel Gullerud may be taking a group of students to Lima next January.  We have been invited to do a TVBS in several mountain villages northeast of Lima.
Pray to the Lord that those involved in outreach in Lima continue in good health and zeal.

A Report on the Joint Asia English Pastoral Conference in Guntur, India in October 2012.


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RSS, Vishuva hinduparishad, pajrangdal, sivasena and some others–these orthodox Hindu organizations are always opposed to our church activities.  One of the local MLA opposed our church building construction work at Chittoor district, they act against our congregations and some other places they threaten and oppose our Gospel team work and also they frame and put false things against our pastors and some of our believers.  One of our pastors daughter was seduced by one Hindu revivalist.  Christian Love has no limits.  We show our Christ’s love to them and pray for them and for their repentance.



We the districts of BELC can operate the film project and we present the Jesus film in rural areas among rural peoples to whom our Lord Jesus is unfamiliar and unknown.

According to the last command of our Lord Jesus Christ before ascension to Heaven to His Holy Father, which was given to His disciples.
The commission begins with an affirmation that all authority in heaven is given to the Risen Lord.  This is the heart of the BELC’S Mission engagement today.
We visit and present Christian films to people where the Gospel is not yet preached.
We use our film project also at the time of Gospel meetings.
The Christian films are welcomed insistently and instantly and some want respectably to know Christ and we fill their thirst through this film project.
We have conducted many Gospel meetings in the surrounding villages of Koppedu District, ShriKalakhasti district, Chittoor District, and Tiruvallure Districts.  Many people participated and benefited through these gospel meetings.
Whenever we are called up on such commitments, we are moving closely with the rural poor villages.  We project films in nearly 35 villages and also conducted gospel meetings in nearly 21 villages.  It helps us to expand our ministry in rural areas.



Around 1071 children participated on the day of the Inaugural function.  After the function we disbursed some gifts to the VBS children and provided meals to them.  Our beloved missionaries gave some useful reading materials with pictures and quiz.  This annual year this was very useful to our VBS classes.
The children provide entertainment based on Bible themes, dramas, dancing, singing, painting the pictures.  The final day of the VBS programes were held at several congregations of our BELC. This year more than 9,876 children were enrolled and benefited through this kind of VBS and Sunday schools.  God has given faith in our Savior, to strengthen their faith and to grow spiritually.




We plan to arrange gospel teams consisting of 15 members for each district.

We plan to expand gospel meetings to all of our BELC districts.
We plan to conduct youth and women fellowship meetings yearly once each BELC congregation requests to send 3 to 5 youth members for their participation.


We plan to conduct yearly convention meetings. The believers and the office bearers of the congregations will participate.

We intend to set up prayer cells through our BELC area.  The primary purpose of the prayer cells is to pray for others in the village or neighborhood; to pray for unbelievers, to pray for everyone regardless of their belief.


We want to increase the pastors monthly meeting schedule of one day to two days.  Our beloved missionaries in their regular visiting and teaching and preaching have some very important papers for our pastors.  It helps us to attain sound knowledge in our CLC doctrines.


“who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” 2 Tim. 2:4.

We intend to work to give the people the water of eternal life and attain the new life in living water.
We want to construct one community hall in each BELC’s main district head quarters.  It helps us to conduct our pastoral meetings, seminars, marriage functions, etc.
We want to expand the tuition centers. We have been conducting tuition centers at Vallathukottai (45 students were enrolled and benifited.), new Jerusalem church, Holy Trinity Lutheran church at Koppedu and Indra Nagar, & Palavakkam church
We arrange tuition centers for children after school hours and childrens evening special coaching classes and computer training class.




God wants us in His image and God saves us to be in His image.  We do not rejoice so much in what we have but we rejoice in how God enables us to give.

God’s love is so great that God Himself, through His own begotten son Jesus Christ, paid the punishment for our sins and made it possible for all who repent and believe in Jesus Christ and His innocent sufferings to be forgiven of our sins by God.
Forgiveness in Jesus is free for us.  God provided the salvation in His son Jesus.  And now HE proclaims His salvation to the world through His people, those who believe in Jesus as Savior and true Son of God and who make up the church, the body of Christ.  We are now living in the final stage of God’s salvation plan, in which we are called to proclaim God’s good news about Jesus to the entire world.  We proclaim good news about Jesus everywhere and to everyone.


Humbly submitted by:
Rev. V. Rajamani, chairman, BELC, Chennai
Rev. T. Sampath, chairman, BELC, Uthukottai

Rev. B.Bhasker, chairman, BELC, ShriKalakhasti

Rev. D. Paul

Pastor David Koenig