I Cor.. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.
April 15, 2013
Pastors D. Paul, Deepak and Rajamani of the BELC will travel to Odisha State, India on April 22nd returning May 3rd to meet with a Lutheran pastor and his congregations about fellowship with the CLC. A two day seminar will be held in addition to visiting and discussing our teachings in the congregations. We ask for your prayers for their safe trip there and return as well as that we find we are in doctrinal agreement. How pleasant and how fair for brothers to dwell together in unity.
Pastor Hein Reports on Work in Liberia
Alvin Kanneh is currently in Liberia doing some contract work  with a company that is trying to help provide educational opportunities  for children with limitations.  While there he is making trips up to  Bopalou to finish the school building.  Prior to his departure we worked on some paper work to try to expedite his sister coming to the Twin Cities.  While here she would have instruction with me and also  spend time monitoring the classroom in order to have some experience on  what it takes to run a Christian day school.  Prayers are requested that she may be able to travel freely here to the  United States in order to accomplish this.  Alvin’s goal is to start up  the school this September.
Alvin is a native Liberian and a CLC member. We pray his sister also goes through instruction and becomes one in the faith. Pray that she is able to come to the USA to prepare for work back in Liberia. Pray that a Christian school may start in September in Bopalou.

Pastor Yumba sent this report from the Congo. May God continue to bless the efforts of our brothers in Congo and Zambia.

Congo Church of the Lutheran Confession (DRC)  AND  KITWE / ZAMBIA
  • We received pastor TODD, head of USA board mission, accompanied by Pastor UDE, missionary of our church in DRC in January 2012
  • We organized a seminar on biblical teachings for the pastors and elders of CCLC and ELCC during one day
  • A worship set   was organized  in Kasumbalesa, precisely at Whisky in a classroom of our primary school
  • In the afternoon, the delegation led by pastor Yumba, composing   of Pastor Todd, Pastor Ude and Pastor Lubaba went in Zambia.  When we arrived in Kitwe brother Amos and Pastor Banda led us in Zam – Tam…
  • The seminar was organized and taught by Pastor Ude.  Many  subjects were developed  and  many questions from the participants.  The answers were given supported by biblical verses.
  • The assembly was composed of leaders of eight blocs namely kitwe east, zam tam, lwangwa, bulangililo, kamiseka and others.
  • After the teachings by Pastor Ude and some inclusions by Pastor Todd on the teachings, Pastor Yumba had been pointed to go on teaching in kitwe for the benefits of eight blocks, facilitating them financially paying visas, accommodation, booking room for the conference and the fees for transportation.
  • After their stay in Lubumbashi, pastor Yumba went to Lusaka with Pastor Todd and Pastor Ude and hosted by Pastor Ibrahim.
  • We accomplished the visits next door to each other in one of the blocs and also a conference for one day. We enjoyed the program.
Pastor Yumba remained in Zambia for going on with teachings. It was a satisfaction by the power of Holy Spirit and many subjects were delivered. Many themes with sub themes exposed and enlightened the participants, the questions were answered  supported by the scriptures and other selected books such as small catechism, what we believe, my church and others, the servant of God good and faithful, go and teach, Christian doctrine,…
After ten months of teachings, pastor Yumba received a call from Nazareth of Christ church of Bwangililo.
After sharing the scriptures on the baptism, Holy Spirit, etc. Pastor Nehema, elders and members of his church have adhered to our teachings.  This group  participated actively to the teachings  in January 2013 by Pastor Ude together with the groups of Kitwe East and Lwangwa.
The group of Kitwe east and Lwangwa received the certificates of having participated on the last  teachings during eleven days.
The participants of Kasumbalesa and Lubumbashi received their certificates at the closing of seminar in Lubumbashi in January 15th, 2013 at katuba Parish.
We began at a parish in Kalubwe District in the town of Lubumbashi with 35 members functioning in a residential home. We pray God grant us the way to find a place to host the sheep of God.
We have a group in Kamina in Katanga in the northern capital of the district Haut Lomami of more or less 900 km from Lubumbashi. They are praying in a dwelling house.We pray God to grant us his grace to go there and teach lessons to our 20 members for one week
Birth of a group in Kolwezi at least 350 km from Lubumbashi where the needs of teachings are essential for new members coming in from Pentecostal churches.
We sent in our parishes of Mwanza seya and Malemba Nkulu at least 700 km from Lubumbashi, the books below for biblical teachings:
What we believe   Small Catechism,
Lutherans teach about the baptism,
My church and others,
Go and teach,
As well as Bibles in Kiluba.
We thank the Board of missions who supported us financially to facilitate this work. The follow up of teachings carried out from a distance are important.
Kipushi Parish hosted in November the members of Kasumbalesa, Lubumbashi and those of Zambia whose transport was supported byPastor Yumba(for our brothers in Zambia); For this Reform party, a seminar was organized, led by Pastor Yumba under the theme ‘gospel excluded all human teaching’. A workshop was formed into two groups: the first group led by Pastor Lubaba, who spoke of the prophet Elijah and the second group led by Pastor Kitombe spoke about John the Baptist;
The first group of the prophet Elijah found that God has raised this mighty prophet, nobody ever said it was nice to Elijah. Elijah was relentless in his defense of the Word of God. He did not tolerate idolatry that was practiced by the children of Israel.
When the Pharisees of his time tried to make other gods in worship of the palace, Elijah did not give his approval. He did not allow under the guise of the tolerance, the acceptance or the fear of being called a tyrant.The total intolerance of Elijah to idolatry attracted masters of wickedness against him. Once again, Elijah, on God’s word to the Lord confronts Ahab: “you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of the eternal
The group spoke of John the Baptist and pointed the behavior of this man of God who obeyed as the word of God and not just the word of men. Since the day of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John, and if you are willing to accept it, is this Elijah who is to come. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.
Pastor David Koenig