I Cor.. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’
October 13, 2011
We rejoice with the report from Zambiawhich you can read below.
How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher (Rom 10:14).
A preacher is someone who is called by God to proclaim His message to lost souls and bring them back to God.
God called me to teach/preach His word to people. I remember I departed from my home land(Tanzania) since  February 2011.I was like Abraham when God called him to depart from his country up to the land which He will show him(Genesis 12:1).I did this by faith after spending time in prayer and asking God’s direction. And God was faithful to me.
When I reached Zambia, I started from those friends who welcomed me. I started to explain what CLC means and what we believe and the same time I had my Bible to make sure everything I spoke was in the Word. Also I didn’t forget to explain the burden in my heart (Matthew 28:19-20). We started with Peter Mwelwa family and some friends. I remember we were four and three kids. This was the starting time for me to represent CLC in Zambia and to agree together we will call  us CLCZ(The Church of Lutheran confession Zambia).Then I continued to visit some schools, hospitals and door to door evangelism with evangelist Peter Mwelwa .I received more invitations from friends so that I could preach to them and have discussion about CLCZ and the Bible. Not only have that but even to have Bible classes with them for learning more about God. God opened more doors for Bible study classes as we were evangelizing in those areas.
Now, we have three small congregations meeting as CLCZ members and worshipping according to the Bible. One congregation is at Nakonde border to Tanzania under leadership of Evangelist Jack Simwanza.The second is within Lusaka under the leadership of Teacher Ibrahim and assistance of Peter Mwelwa.The third is Located at Inonge under the leadership of Lewis Matanyani,three hours by driving from Livingstone  to Inonge congregation.
I started to let these three evangelists know better the CLC and to answer questions which they had about CLC. I took time to visit CLC websites with them for more information. I thank God because no  question was hard for me to answer. But they appreciated what I said and for me  this is the reason made them to join in CLC. I understood that if they will understand the truth it would be easy to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2). I followed Jesus’ system (He educated twelve disciples so that they could educate others) Now they know the truth (John 8:32) and we are working as preachers in CLCZ.


More information about these three small congregations is following;
The first congregation is under the leadership of Jack Simwaze.Evangelist. Jack Simwaze had desired to serve God, but He was also looking for God’s direction. He started the work of God at this place beginning in 2010. But He didn’t have someone to support him in the ministry. Therefore,he asked me to come and join together in evangelism and planting new CLCZ congregation there.
Since we started, up to this time we have 12 members and some children. The more we evangelize the numbers increase. And now Christians meet every Sunday for the service. They need more teaching so that they may grow spiritually in the knowledge of God.
This is the congregation I (Ibrahim) started with the help of Peter Mwelwa (the one who is hosting me in Lusaka).We meet at his house for the Sunday worship. He is the good brother and evangelist who is ready to work for the kingdom of God. He is helping me in translation sometime to the local language where it is necessary and to show me some more areas where we  might plant CLC congregations. At this moment we have more than fifteen members meeting every Sunday for worship. Most of members are under 30 years and they enjoy the service very much. I try to reach them in the schools and colleges to welcome them to visit us and to register more students for a Bible correspondence course .I hope this course will start soon after East Africa Pastoral conference in Tanzania at Moshi.
Through this congregation God is doing marvelous things to us. He is increasing the number and spiritual growth as well. We expect God will to be glorified in this work here in Zambia. Don’t forget to pray for us while we are serving Him. The Christians in this congregation are like the Christians in Berea (Acts17:10-11).
The background of this church was UCZ (United Church of Zambia).This faith looks like the Lutheran in some ways.
It started two years ago but it is not growing because of poor spiritual leadership and hard environment. The preacher met me while I was preaching at University of Zambia (UNZA) and welcomed me to share what I was teaching. I didn’t loose this opportunity because I knew it never comes twice. We made arrangement for meeting the church and for seminar.
This place is really rural area because it is a little bit out from Livingstone Town. You need to drive for three hours from Livingstone to Inonge or five hours from Lusaka, capital city of Zambia. But God because He called me to reach these souls by the gospel I will be ready to take it wherever needed (Matthew 28:19-20).
Zambia was declared as a Christian Nation with the second president (Fredrick Titus Chiluba).This means that 95% of people are trusting in God and they want to attend the church even if they don’t know what the church is teaching about (they are attending as cultural thing). Also they like to have Bible discussion. They are ready at anytime to welcome anyone who is called a preacher, this is because they believe that there is blessing for those welcome servants of God. In this congregation I preached there and having a seminar for two  days then to introduce the correspondence course in the church  which I plan to start after having discussion with Pastor Nathaniel Mayhew at Pastoral conference in Moshi-Tanzania(East Africa). I received more invitations to visit schools and families around the congregation.
We agree together with the evangelist in this congregation to form the church and start worshiping according CLC. Now we are doing very well in worship and we have almost forty (40) Christians. The fruits of this area are making me busy to prepare a lot of teachings so that I can feed them spiritually. The members are hungry for the Word of God and they don’t allow me to go back to Tanzania. They provided a small plot for me to build my living house and other physical things. God is doing wonderful things in this congregation .They show the love of God to me.
God has blessed them with nice tone in singing and they have spiritual talents, while what is needed for them is to teach them how to use spiritual gifts. You can’t believe that Zambia has open space like Inonge because Lusaka population is very high and you don’t like to stay in Lusaka.
In conclusion,  I am doing all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me. My work in Zambia is for the glory of God and I will work hard to draw many souls in the kingdom of God.


Teacher Ibrahim Robert     


The Holy Kiss or Kiss of Love



“Then, after the consecration of the Holy Sacrifice of God, because He wished us also to be His sacrifice, a fact which was made clear when the Holy Sacrifice was first instituted, and because that Sacrifice is a sign of what we are, behold, when the Sacrifice is finished, we say the Lord’s Prayer which you have received and recited. After this, the ‘Peace be with you’ is said, and the Christians embrace one another with the holy kiss. This is a sign of peace; as the lips indicate, let peace be made in your conscience, that is, when your lips draw near to those of your brother, do not let your heart withdraw from his. Hence, these are great and powerful sacraments.”[1](


This is a quote from Augustine, the Great North African Church Leader.



This practice of kissing on the cheek in a greeting did not derive from the Christians. It was already a custom in the western Mediterranean world. Men would greet one another in ancient times with a kiss on the cheek. It was like a handshake among us today. It is noted though that the practice in connection with communion fell into disuse due to the persecution of Christians with the accusation that in the close communion service when catechumens and others were dismissed that sexual things went on.



In the New Testament both the verb (kataphileo) and the noun (philema) indicate and act of love. What a betrayal it was for Judas to give the kiss on Jesus’ cheek! Lk. 22:47-48


At the end of several epistles the believers are encouraged to give the kiss of love or the holy kiss. 1 Pet. 5:14, 1 Thess. 5:26, Rom.16:16, 2 Cor. 13:12, 1 Cor. 16:20. But not every letter ends with this injunction which indicates the freedom to practice it.



In Luke 7:45 Jesus mentions to the Pharisee who invited Him, that , “You gave me no kiss…” The woman though did not cease to kiss His feet. Vv. 38, 45 This was obviously a sign of love and humility before the Lord. We do sometimes have people in India kissing our feet. We do not forbid it.



In Luke 15:20 the parable of the lost son the father“embraced him and kissed him.” In Acts 20:37 those who would see Paul no more“embraced Paul and kissed him.” These again show the idea as contained in the word that it is an act of love. And just as the custom is practiced in some places today, but not in others it is just that a custom.





Pastor Koenig