2015 MLBS Graduation

March 11th 2015 21 young men graduated from Martin Luther Bible School in Nagalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India. This is the 4th graduating class of the MLBS.

The commencement address was given by Missionary Edward Starkey. Pastor Starkey spoke about the need to keep preaching the word against all adversity. Pastor Bhaskar, Pastor Rajamani, Pastor D Paul and Pastor Sampath also spoke encouraging the students in their upcoming service to Christ. Student K Munivel spoke for the students, giving thanks to the teachers, the missionaries and the CLC.

Each student came up one by one in order to give an oath of service to Christ and His church and to faithfully preach the word. After this each of the students received prayers and blessings from the teachers of the MLBS and the Missionaries. Finally they came up for a third time to receive the certificates of graduation.

The service ended with a fellowship meal.

The entire service took place in the newly purchased and renovated MLBS building. Instead of continuing to rent a building the Mission board approved the buying of a building for the MLBS last summer. After purchasing the same building the school has been renting for years, they repainted and added a second story. In addition to providing some much needed space for classes, the second story will also be used as a place for Sunday worship services in Nagalapuram.