2013 Mission Helper Trip

India is the destination for volunteers in the Mission Helper Program this summer. Thirteen signed on to spread abroad the gospel message of salvation. The mission helpers are: Lucas Brown, Jennifer Grabow, Becky Haddad, Melanie Halstein, Katherine Kazemba, David Lueck, Rebecca McKenny, Nathan Noeldner, Andrew Roehl, Vanessa Ude, Missionary Matthew Ude, and Pastor Todd Ohlmann. While some are going for their first time, others have been on previous mission trips. The mission helpers will be divided up into three teams to assist our Christian brethren in the CLCI and the BELC in proclaiming God’s Word. Part of  the work will be “Child Evangelism” similar to our summer VBS program where Bible history lessons are taught. The clergy trained members of the mission helpers will conduct pastoral training seminars and preach in local congregations. Preparations for the trip include such things as receiving a series of shots, getting travel papers, and working on Bible lessons to be taught. We pray the Lord’s blessings on their preparations, travel, and mission efforts. The internet address of a blog to follow the mission trip will be made known later. More information concerning the Mission Helper Program can be found on the internet at www.clclutheran.net/MissionHelpers.