2005 Summaries

Bible Distribution – We distributed 576 Telugu and Tamil Bibles in our sister churches of the CLCI and BELC. The lower number of Bibles distributed this year is reflected by the higher costs in catechism distribution for this year. Beyond this we gave a few Bibles in other areas.
Catechism Translation, Printing and Distribution
Tamil – We printed 1000 Tamil for the use of the BELC in India.
Telugu – Once the Kuske Telugu catechism review is done by  the  WELS affiliate in India, we hope to purchase at least several hundred of these for use of our pastors and other interested members in both the BELC and the CLCI.
Masai – Through Pastor Jeremiah at Arusha we were able to purchase 600 of these (reprinted by Lutherans in Tanzania of the Leipzig Soc. One of the 1920’s). They were distributed as follows: 70 Etago CLCK, 10 Nairobi CLCK, 150 LCEA, 370 CLCEA. Apparently there will be a change somewhat of the CLCEA’s number with some more of those going to the Nairobi CLCK for work in new areas with the Masai. Next year we anticipate buying more of these.
Swahili – The ELCC’s translation committee translation of the French catechism was printed in the USA due to high costs of printing in the DRC. Of the 500 printed, 164 were sent over July 14th and the balance in the end of September. We don’t anticipate another printing of these next year. Swahili catechism that is used in Tanzania and Kenya produced by the LHF is completely revised and waiting funding. We pray we can get free copies of this when it is printed for use among our sister churches in Kenya and Tanzania.
Luganda – In Uganda this translation of the catechism is available and we are trying to find out availability and cost for use with the new contacts there.
Kisii – We are purchasing another 40 at least for use in the Etago CLCK.
French – We received 20 free copies from the LHF and carried them into the Congo. Fabrice Muller sent over from France for us the following: 2 to Ghana, 10 to Togo, 25 to  Congo.
English – With the Sydow catechism we also send the workbook. The following were sent: 23 to Nigeria, 30 to Ghana, 40 to Kampala, Uganda, 30 to Mbale area of Uganda, 10 to Etago CLCK, 30 to Nairobi CLCK. In addition 50 were carried into Kenya.
Efik – Fifty catechisms were purchased in the ongoing teaching in Nigeria.
Further Information – There is no Ewe translation for use in Togo/Ghana among that tribe. We still don’t know of a Lingala translation for use in Kinshasa, DRC. There is some work on a Bamba translation maybe done but not in print for use among some of the people in the LCEA in Kenya area.
Translation Work – We try to use the gifts God has given our brethren in our sister churches to do translation work. In addition to what has been reported in previous years the following is what has been either started or completed this year.
Hindi – Pastor Deepak(BELC) is now starting work in translating our materials with the assistance of Pastor D. Paul.
French and Swahili in the DRC – The active translation committee has completed Mueller’s “My Church and Others” into French as well as 7 of the 14 pamphlets, one pamphlet on the Lutheran Confessions. In Swahili they have completed two pamphlets. They are working on more pamphlets and Lutheran Liturgy.
Swahili in Kenya and Tanzania – Pastor Gondwe(LCEA) is beginning work on Mueller’s “My…” Evangelist Abraham(CLCEA) is beginning work on the 14 pamphlets. The LCEA is still working on a revision of their hymnal.
Kisii – Joshua (Etago CLCK) is still working on Mueller.
Telugu – Pastor Nireekshana(CLCI) with the help of his wife completed the remaining 13 of the 14 pamphlets.
Efik – Work continues on translating and printing the 14 pamphlets in Nigeria with Pastors Ufot and Udo.
Pastoral Training – The summary of this work by which we assist our overseas churches is in two parts according to the two-track approach: the seminary approach which ends in 2 to 5 years, the TEE approach which is ongoing.
Nidubrolu Bible Institute Seminary (CLCI) – This year they have 32 students at present in the three year program. In June they graduated 6. Pastor Jyothi heads the school
St. Peter’s Seminary (LCEA) – At present they have 14 students in the three year program. They anticipate graduating 7 in 2007. Pastor Angowi heads the school.
Lutheran Bible Institute (NCLC) – They have seven students in the five year program and of these three graduate in December. Pastor Udo heads the school.
BELC – India – With 157 pastors at this time and more requesting membership the monthly meetings for the present eight districts range from one to three days. This year we began new meetings in Chittoor with 22 more men requesting information on our church. The material presented in these meetings is coordinated between the leaders and the missionary. Examinations are given by our lead pastors. This does not end the study each month.
ELCC – Congo – With now 38 pastors and 36 assistants the importance of training has increased this last year. Pastor Muzakuza visits and trains the pastors too distant to attend the Sunday afternoon classes. While we have been sending in TEE materials for the pastor to use, recently a great step forward was made with the Mueller/Kreis Dogmatics book being sent. Twenty-five arrived and thirteen more will be sent. All pastors must in this coming year complete study in Mueller’s “My Church and Others”, the catechism and the 14 pamphlets and be administered an examination.
CLCEA – All pastors and assistants(evangelists) in this sister church in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have to study Mueller, the catechism and the 14 pamphlets and be administered an examination. Three trips by either Pastor Jeremiah or Pastor Alex to Uganda are planned the next year to accomplish this with the Uganda men. The teaching in Kenya and Tanzania also involves extra work because not all men understand the same language in which materials are available.
CLCK Nairobi – Charles Gikonyo has the task of leading his men through the catechism, Mueller and the 14 pamphlets this next year toward the examination. All the men understand English in which the materials are available.
CLCK Etago – Each year TEE booklets are given, studied and corrected. This year for the leaders eight copies of a study in I Cor. were given out.
Self-Help Program – It should be understood that we cannot at this time fulfill all the requests or needs to assist our brothers to become more self-supporting. This is a gradual process which over time will yield great benefits for the church.
BELC – With about half the pastors having now been given self-help loans we are certainly thankful. Yet with 157 pastors and new ones requesting fellowship the schedule of upcoming loans in the next year is lengthy. We are just beginning to investigate the purchase of rice paddy land as possibly a way to have our brethren support the pastors in the BELC. Prayer is called for in this investigation and the wisdom to analyze it well. The CLCI has paddy land we purchased for them some years ago which is supplying a great need in that sister church.
CLCI – Under Pastor Nireekshana’s guidance they have been able to issue news loans from the repayment of previous water buffalo loans. Sewing machines were also purchased this last year for other pastors.
LCEA – The church is now to forward to Larry Hansen of the Bd. the first six loan proposals for them. This is the start of this in the LCEA. Let us pray for success that the pastors may receive the needed help in the material, financial area.
ELCC – Unfortunately, the exploration of the purchase of land for a farm project in the DRC has not turned out well. Previously, a dishonest man tried to sell land that he did not own. Now the price has skyrocketed way beyond our ability to assist. We are asking Martin Essien, a successful businessman in the NCLC, if he can investigate projects in Congo and Tanzania.
NCLC – All pastors are issued loans under a program begun over five years ago. While there are some problems that have occurred, there are repayments.
In Togo and Ghana loans have been issued to the two pastors in fellowship and two more loans are anticipated in the new year to the two pastors who are joining.
For all our other brethren overseas we are not able to proceed except in a couple individual cases. We pray that this program may continue to expand for the support of the preachers who cannot be supported enough by their congregations.